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WP7 Game Review: Best Doodle Jump-like Game

A video review of various games similar to Doodle Jump, including Birdy Bounce, BounceMan, Omi Jump, and Cloud Jumper, for Windows Phone 7, reviewed by Andrew Bares from

Doodle Jump is a popular iPhone game, but there currently isn’t an official Doodle Jump game for Windows Phone 7. Not to worry, other developers have written great games that are similar! All of these titles cost $0.99 and are available in the Marketplace.

Birdy Bounce (1st Place)
This game is, in my opinion, the best compared to the others available for WP7. The controls and bouncing of the game feels spot on, and the iconic moving platforms, breaking platforms, and cloud platforms make an appearance in Birdy Bounce. The only difference from Doodle Jump is that there are no monsters you must shoot in Birdy Bounce.

BounceMan (2nd Place)
This game is great, except the pace of the character’s jumping is noticeably slower than the others (and slower than Doodle Jump), making it a bit less enjoyable. However, this game is nearly identical to Doodle Jump in every other way; there are trampolines to bounce you higher, balloons to lift you faster, and enemies to shoot.

Omi Jump (3rd Place)
This game is extremely great, except it takes forever to load. You’ll sit there for almost 10 seconds waiting for the main menu to appear. Then, it takes over 10 secons to start the game after clicking Play! For a quick little jumping game, the load time is excessive. However, the game does have multiple themes which add some extra liveliness to the game, and the controls are great.

Cloud Jumper (4th Place)
This is the only game out of all the titles which I would strongly not suggest buying. When you have alternatives like Birdy Bounce or BounceMan, Cloud Jumper’s basic gameplay becomes uninteresting, since the only gameplay changes you encounter are clouds that disappear after you bounce on them.

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