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Walkthrough On How to Win Ranked Fleet Battle Strategy Talking New Players Through Each Step

Papa Sean Plays Star Wars Squadrons. Looking for a Squad to join? Come find a wingmate on Brotherhood of Honor

Star Wars: Squadrons is an intense first-person view space-combat game set in the Star Wars universe that features both a single-player campaign and multiple multiplayer game modes. … The vast majority of the game, other than cutscenes, takes place entirely in the cockpit of various iconic Star Wars ships.

Best Fighter: A-Wing. This was never my favorite ship prior to Star Wars Squadrons where linked fire was very powerful in Xwing, Tie Fighter and X-wing Vs. Tie Fighter. Now with the balances Squadrons offers I find myself picking A-Wing every time. The modules available for A-Wing are very strong and compliment it’s fast speed and maneuverability.

OP Loadout for A-WIng: I currently go with
Standard lasers to give that 1k range.
Aft Rocket for picking off tails
Cluster missiles for a more powerful punch against the support ships.
Dampening Hull to increase lock time.
Overcharged shields to reduce incoming damage at the cost of recharge time.
Standard Engines

Tips and Tricks:
1. Familiarize yourself with the controls and mechanics in the single player Campaign.
2. Fly a few AI matches in the trainer or vs. AI in Fleet Battles.
3. Make friends, always more fun to fly with friends.
4. Be the change you wish to see. If you think your team needs something, fill the gap!
5. Take advantage of offensive pushes. Even in an interceptor, dump your load on capital ships every opportunity that arises.
6. Put the power where it is being used. Engines, Lasers, Shields. Shields only prior to the fight.
7. It’s too late to charge shields during a fight. Damage avoidance is better than more ability to soak.
8. If you are low on resources, shields, hull, warheads, countermeasure…return to resupply or ask a friendly support.

Video transcription:


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