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VY QWAINT LEAVES SPY NINJAS SAFE HOUSE! Fails Lie Detector Test Challenge Proving She’s a Hacker!


After Chad Wild Clay made MY WIFE IS A HACKER?! Vy Qwaint Secret Revealed She is a Project Zorgo Member in Real Life!, Vy Qwaint created HACKER TRIES TO REVEAL MY SECRET – CWC vs PZ9 in Battle Royale and Vy vs Regina in Safe House and Daniel uploaded HACKER UNMASKED at Mysterious Obstacle Course Park while Exploring for PZ9 Project Zorgo Face Reveal on the Exposing Project Zorgo YouTube channel, ex Project Zorgo member, PZ9, also named Melvin took my phone and revealed my juiciest secret! I am a hacker in Project Zorgo and betrayed the Spy Ninjas! Chad, Regina and Daniel give me a lie detector test to see if I am still a Spy Ninja. If she lies 3 times, the CWC crew will kick out me, VQ out of the safe house. In this lie detector challenge, Daniel questions me about my loyalty to my friends, if I took the missing $10,000 and if I’m teaming up with PZ9. I fail to answer all the questions and unfortunately get kicked out of the safe house. Chad, Regina and Daniel say their emotional last goodbyes. Will Vy ever redeem herself and join the Spy Ninjas once more? Thank you for watching my entertainment comedy videos in 2019!

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Video transcription:

What's up Spy Ninjas!We just unmasked a Project Zorgo hackerand it turned out to be Vy!All the signs point to that Vy Qwaintis working with Project Zorgo.So we've got her hooked
up to a lie detector test.We've got the lie detector expert Daniel,we've got Regina–
That's right.Behind the camera.
It's me!And we've got Vy, who
if she lies three times,she loses the lie detector test.And what does that mean Vy?I'm kicked out of the Spy Ninjas!So don't lie.This is probably the most
important lie detector testwe've ever done, I had to make
sure the readings are 100%.Sensors to the brain Daniel,
we've never done this before!He's gonna give us a true reading.It might be possible that
our own Spy Ninja has beenworking with our biggest enemy!You guys are making a huge mistake!We're almost ready, I need
one more thing though.Okay, what should be the
first question that we ask Vy?Huh, whoa!
Whoa!Let's do it.Lie detector Daniel right here.Vy's laughing because she
thinks this is some sort of jokebut this is super serious.It's kinda cute,Daniel thinks he's like a
really good lie detector.He is, she's doubting your skills Daniel,she's trying to throw you off your game.She said cute, you're free to go Vy.Just kidding, of course not.I'll take the camera.We were just at PZ9's training facility.I unmasked hacker, and the hacker was you!Vy we were trying to
help you find your phone,we were on your side, and
the next thing you know,you're a hacker!Why were you dressed up as a hacker?There were like 30 hackers
at the training facility.We were completely outnumbered!They had a better chance
of finding my phone.That's why I wore the hacker maskand the hacker outfits so
I could find it quicker.Let's see here, and the
test is looking like.You're telling the truth Vy.Ooooh.
Yes, I'm telling the truth.That just means you
have more confidence inProject Zorgo than the Spy Ninjas!You gotta have confidence in us!I do but it was taking too long!Next question, Vy, remember
when Justin was here,there was a group of
hackers getting together.You were one of those
hackers, look at thisvideo right here!Tell us who this is right here.Yeah.
That one right(ding)
there.Look at those (ding) pants, look at those(ding) shoes, and look
at that (ding) ring!Who is that hacker?That hacker was me.(gasp)Is she telling the truth?I don't know if I wanna know the truth.The machine says…(intense music)True.(gasps)This is the second time we
caught you as a hacker now.- [Regina] Behind our backs!There is a reason, you guys
just have to trust me, you–Yeah, yeah we'll trust you once youanswer all these questions.Vy since that you admit that is you,why were you standing there?What was the mission for that day?We had to figure out who PZ9 was,and that's what I'm doing.- [Chad] Is she telling the truth Daniel?Wait a minute, what?The machine says it's half true.What does that mean Daniel?There most be something more.What are you not telling us?I answered the question.There's something else
you're hiding I think.You know what Vy (sigh),
right now we'll justcount that half true as a truth butif you do that again, I'm
just gonna count it as a lie.Full truth only.How long have you been
a Project Zorgo member?Our whole lives, since we were married?Justin did marry us after all, and he hadsome involvement with Project Zorgo.I'm glad you acknowledge
that your life started whenyou married me.(dramatic music)That's not the point Vy!Quit changing the subject.The answer is, three months.Daniel.
Oh my gosh.I don't know that sounds suspicious.Look at that reading, the heart rate.You can see that,right Chad?
Yeah.But I think.It's the truth!It says true.
You think?Daniel you need to be sure!Were you moving your temples?No, no, what?!She was moving her finger a little bit.It does say 98% true.But still Vy, for three
months you never told us.Why would you not tell us?There's a reason why
I can't tell you guys!Ugh, just next question!
Tell us Vy!Vy.Hey, hey!
Whoooa, she's–She did that on purpose!
No, am I–She removed her temple!I have to when I talk, my temples move!- [Chad] Mmm.Mmm, I don't know.Why did you join Project Zorgo?Just tell us why!Gosh darn it.You guys I can't tell you, you–(gasps)Daniel, maybe you gotta upgrade
your equipment, it's justnot working properly.
No.I can't tell you guys that.It's not the right time;
you guys have to trust me.When is the right time, Vy, never?If you don't give us an
answer, that's a lie!Are you sure you don't wanna tell us?Three lies and you're out
Vy, you really wanna do this?(intense music)Yes, I'm sure, I-I-I can't, I can't do it.- [Chad] Lie number one, okay, let's go.We gotta go.Okay what–What is up with her?I can't believe she didn't tell uswhat the true answer was.We're like a family here, we can't keepsecrets from each other!And I can't believe
she won't even tell me,her husband, she's been
doing this for three monthsand she hasn't even
told me this whole time.I definitely don't wanna kick
her out of the Spy Ninjas,she better not lie again.Two more lies, we have
to kick her out becausebeing a Spy Ninja means
honesty, loyalty, and bravery.If you're not honest,
you can't be a Spy Ninja!So she's gotta keep telling the truth.Next question Vy.Whoa, wait a minute, I just
realized, I was undercoveras a Project Zorgo
member a few months back!Were we both working with
Project Zorgo, together?!And remember when they
gave you the exit ceremony?That was like, one or
two months ago Daniel.They made you eat dog food.Was that your idea?(Regina gasps)You planned out all those
horrible things to happen to me!Tell us the truth Vy.I was there, I was hiding in the box!She was there! (claps)I was hiding in the box, there's proof!On my vlog channel!You were probably sitting
there laughing at me.I was trying to help you, it
would have been a lot worseif I didn't help you.They would've given you worms.Is Vy telling the truth Daniel?Looks like…(intense music)It's true, thank goodness.I got the next question.You were the only one that
has ever snuck into theProject Zorgo basement.You know the one with the
black walls where they did theexit ceremonies, why is that?Regina, do you not watch my vlog?I do, I do, everyday!Let me see your phone Regina,
you're not subscribed!Sorry, subscribe again!Oh, okay, here's what you do.You go underneath this video,
hit the subscribe button,make it turn gray, make sure thebell symbol is ringing also, here.Oh.Now that you guys are all
subscribed, how I got into thebasement, is that I followed PZ2!And he went under that
little tunnel thing thatonly little tiny people can
fit, and that's how I get in!It's almost as if you told Project Zorgo,"Make the entrances small
so we can't follow you."What are you talking about?!How do you think I have
that kind of control overProject Zorgo?- [Chad] Is she telling the truth?(intense music)It looks like she'stelling the truth.We've got some juicier questions coming.You remember that video we
made where we were tryingto open that unbreakable
box filled with $10 000?I came home the other day
and you know what I found?This!
(Regina gasps)And it's empty!Do you know what happened to the $10 000?- [Regina] She's struggling
guys, look at her.Her heart rate's increasing.She's getting all sweaty.(groans)(intense music)I took it outta there.(gasps)Wait.
You took the $10 000?!She lying, she telling the truth?Let's see let's just see.
Oh dear, ah.It's true!
Oh no.How could you do that?Why would you steal from the Spy Ninjas?There's a good reason for this.I can't tell you guys!The next question is,why did you steal it Vy?Uh.- [Regina] Oh my gosh.Tell the truth.(intense music)You've already told one
lie by not answering.I can't tell you guys that!You have to!
Vy.If you don't tell us, that's
gonna count as another lieVy, that's gonna be two lies!You guys know I am very logical.I wouldn't do anything crazy.We didn't know that you
were with Project Zorgo.Joining Project Zorgo is not very logical.Ooooh.
And taking money!- [Regina] Ooooh!.And not answering the question!- [Regina] Ooooh!And not telling us everything.- [Regina] Ooh.Ugh, you guys, just trust me on this!I can't tell you guys right
now, but there's a good reasonfor this, you guys gotta trust me!Vy, you got three seconds
to tell us, otherwiseit counts as another lie.Three.- [Chad & Daniel] Two, one.(intense music)Ugh, Vy!That's a lie!That's lie number two!Oh my gosh.
I can't do it!You're one lie away beforebeing kicked out of the Spy Ninjas.We don't wanna kick you out of theSpy Ninjas, okay?
No.We want you to be with
the Spy Ninjas forever!Just tell the truth from now on okay?Please, we need you.I can't do this.
Be on our side.Give me the camera.What would she still the $10 000 for?I don't think she's in any
debt, she doesn't owe anybodyany money, I have no idea!Wait, how much are Teslas?She wants a new Tesla right?Ever since Joseph Bankstransformed out into Delorean.
That's true!You can't get a new
Tesla for $10 000 thoughso I don't think that's it.Maybe she's planning my birthday!Could be.Uh, no your birthday
already passed, I think.That's true, it was in March.I knew that.She's definitely up to
something, let's just keepasking more questions, she's
one away from being kicked out.I really hope she doesn't lie anymore,I don't wanna kick her out.Have you been working
for PZ9 this whole time?Did you give PZ9 your
phone, was this all a trick?You left it in the house on "purpose".How could I have left it on purpose?Chad was the one that put it up there.Yeah but you were pretending
your phone didn't getany signal, and you were like,"Chad, put it up some more high."You tricked me into putting it up there.Great impression Chad, yeah.You know Chad, Daniel
was the one who was like,"We need more signal" and why
would I want work with PZ9?(rock music)
He's loud, he's obnoxious,I can't stand him!He's egotistical, he's loud,
did I say that already?He thinks he's the best fighter, he sucks!He calls me a spicy senorita,I don't even like this guy!
Okay, okay okay okay!Okay?So you're saying, you didn't put thephone there on purpose.No.- [Chad and Regina] What does it say?Only one way to find out.(intense music)Vy, oh, oh.You're telling the truth.Oh.You're telling the truth.
Okay.Wait, Daniel, why did you hesitate?Is this whole entire thing even necessaryif Daniel is not evensure about his readings right now?Just, I never seen
somebody so nervous before.The readings!I'm not nervous!
I feel the sweat.I don't sweat!- [Chad] Your lie detector
test is falling apart!I don't even know if
it's working right now.Maybe that's what it is!You need to keep your head still okay?I think you're moving it on
purpose to get false readings!Yeah.You're hiding something.(tapping)Next question.
(phone rings)Regina, your phone's ringing.- [Regina] Who is it?It's Vy calling!- [Regina] Vy?How are you calling Regina right now?I don't know, who has my phone?PZ9 has–
PZ9!He's calling you Regina, using Vy's phone!Answer it!(beep)
PZ9, what's up?Just checking in on my
least favorite Spy Ninjas!Where's my phone PZ9?Give me back my phone!
Hold on, hold on.What's that dumb looking
thing on your head Vy?It's a lie detector test PZ9.Oooh, looks like someone
lost their Spy Ninja trust!Thanks for letting us know about Vy.You're oh-so-welcome Daniel.Hold that note out Daniel.Did you just thank PZ9?
Yeah.What is going on here?PZ9 remember in the board game challenge?The winner got the third envelope?Well it turns out Vy
swapped it, with a fake one!But we finally got the
real one right here.Oooh, what a dirty trick
Vy, you're so evil, hahaha!And it says, Vy Qwaint has
betrayed the Spy Ninjas,you're not holding it right Daniel.Anyway it says that Vy Qwaint
has betrayed the Spy Ninjas.He can't even hold this paper right.How are you trusting him to
give me the lie detector test?It's difficult, okay?Alright PZ9, I'm gonna hang up.Chad, I've been trying to
figure out how to do thumbna–Vy, answer this question right now.How did PZ9 get that note,
why would he send us that?That note right there
is not completely true.PZ9 wrote that.Let's see, is it true?Daniel, read it carefully.I'm trying, I need complete silence.(hushes)
I'm quiet.(intense music)It's true, it's true.
(gasps) Okay.So PZ9 did write that note.So Vy, okay my question is,why did you have the
ending of the third cluein your backpack, which we stole?- [Regina] Were you trying
to cover up your tracks?Yes, I swapped the third
envelope out during theboard challenge because PZ9
has some tricks up his sleeve!You guys shouldn't trust
him, you Spy Ninjas at homeshould not trust him either.Let's see if she's telling the truth here.Are you smelling the truth Daniel?Does it smell like a lie?
What does it smell like?My lie detector shirt
smells a little differentfor some reason, it's like
someone was wearing it.Anyway…(intense music)It's the truth!(gasps)Okay okay okay okay.
It's true.You're on a roll with the truths Vy,I'm liking the way this is going becauseone more lie, and we have to kick you out.Regina take over!When you were in the park,
you were talking to someone.Who were you talking to,
why were you all sketchy?In the park, you guys were following me?That's how we got the envelope.Who took the envelope out
of my backpack, Daniel?Well, no I jus–
Chad, Regina?Who did it?Chad tried at first and he failed.And then I tried and I succeeded.I can't even trust you
Spy Ninjas, oh my gosh!You can't trust us?We can't trust you girl!
Yeah!You guys are following me.Answer the question, who are
you talking to on the laptop?Who do you think?Your mom?
No.Mama Vy?Answer the question Vy,
who were you talking toon the laptop?(intense music)Former you guys, a hacker.(gasps)Is this hacker your friend, was it PZ2?I actually don't know his number.Alright let's see here.Okay, lie detector is saying.It's true.Talking to a hacker, again!She's replacing us with hackers.You were saying some
weird stuff on the laptopto the hacker, you were
like talking about pizza.(gasps)That's not weird.Yeah remember when she
ordered that pizza thatone time when we were sneaking
up on her in the backyard,the pizza never came!(gasps)You also mentioned
pepperoni, and zucchini,what the heck does this stuff mean?They're toppings.I don't know Vy, zucchini's
not a pizza topping.Some people might like
zucchinis as pizza toppings.Not you.And especially not— [Regina & Daniel] Extra cheese.- [Chad] Oooh!What does pepperoni, zucchini,
and extra cheese mean?What is that?Is that some sort of like,
language you're speaking?It meansit's a code.Code?Yeah, a PZ code.(gasps)You know their codes?I don't even know their
codes, you know I used towork for Project Zorgo!I got a question, zucchini?That's not a pizza topping.Extra cheese, you're lactose intolerant.You can't eat any cheese.Tell me, what is the code?Keep your hands still.Pepperoni stands for Project.Zucchinis stand for Zorgo.That makes sense.Okay but— [Chad & Daniel] Extra cheese.Project Zorgo eats crackers.No, that's actually straight forward.Slang, street term, cheese,
cheddar, Bill, William,Lincoln, Benjamins.
Wait.Money, oh yeah cheese I
have heard people say.I got the cheese, like I got money.That's like an old slang term.It was probably sort of from
the 80s (sarcastic laugh).- [Regina] Oh gosh, the worst.Wait Regina, the 80s were awesome!Not that I was old enough to know.Extra cheese, you were
telling them that you had the$10 000, is she telling the truth?Okay.Extra cheese means money?(intense music)Yes, it's true!We now know the answer
to the last question thatyou weren't willing to answer.You were giving the $10
000 to Project Zorgo.- [Regina] Well this is
even worse than we thought,we thought we were just
gonna try and get a new car.Yeah this is really bad,I thought you were buying
me a birthday present.Biggest question yet Vy,
why did you give the $10 000to Project Zorgo?I, you guys, I can't tell you this one!Vy you have to tell us,we don't want to kick you
out of the Spy Ninjas okay?This would be the third lie if
you don't tell us the truth.So just tell us the truthso we don't have to kick you
out of the Spy Ninjas please.We won't be mad, just
please tell us, okay?Yeah we won't be mad.
Fine.We need you on our team.- [Regina] Don't you wanna be a Spy Ninja?I do, I'm the original Spy Ninja!It's just gonna ruin
everything, all my plans thatI've been working so hard on
for the past three months!I can't, I can't tell you guys!Vy, you have to tell us
otherwise it counts as a lie!You know how this works!You're being so suspicious,
I don't like it!Yeah.
You have to believe me,you guys have to trust me,I can't do this!You know what that means,
that means it's a lie if youdon't answer and then we
have to, we have to kick youout of the Spy Ninjas.Yeah.Don't make me say it, I
can't do it, I can't do it.We can't keep, this
can't go on all night Vy,will you answer the question or not?(intense music)I can't, I can't.- [Regina] Oh gosh.Okay then, the test is over then.That's it, that's it,
that's three, that countsas three lies.I can't!We both agreed when we
made the Spy Ninjas thatwe'd always be honest with each other.We would not lie, honesty,
integrity, bravery.It's what the whole Spy
Ninja team is built on!It's loyalty not integrity.You're not even saying it right!I know, something like that.But integrity, it has to do with honesty,it's fine.Vy I really don't wanna do this, but.You don't have to do this.- [Regina] Oooh.Here, pack your stuff and
leave the Spy Ninja safe house.You guys are doing this, you
guys are actually doing this?I mean, Vy you did it, you
didn't tell us the truth.We have to follow the rules.You're working with Project
Zorgo, our worst enemy,the opposite of a Spy Ninja!- [Regina] Oh.Okay guys let's go talk.Guys are we doing the right thing?I don't know this seems
really bad, and seems wrong.It really does, she
looked so sad actually.Well I'm sad too, I don't
wanna kick her out but,like we said, Project
Zorgo is our worst enemy,she's working for them.Well maybe we should give
her another chance guys,I don't know, I feel
really horrible about this.If there was a good
reason she was working forProject Zorgo, she would have told us.I know, I don't see why.
That's true.She has to be so secretive about it.Honesty is like the key
tenant of being a Spy Ninja,you have to be honest.She's not being honest.(sighs)Alright, well, let's
go say goodbye to her.(sad piano music)It's time to say goodbye.Here, I'll pack your sewing kit.Remember this sewing kit Regina?I used this to sew your
bear back together,here you keep it.
What?So when Mr, bear, use to sew his leg back.You keep that.Oh my gosh this, Regina, she's, she's sad.Daniel, you were the first
person that we accepted inas a Project Zorgo member.Mhm.I can't believe this is happening.I mean I can't believe it either Vy.I seriously never thought
this day would come.Then why are you doing this?I don't wanna leave the Spy Ninjas.I don't want you to either but it's just,you're working with Project Zorgo.How can we keep you on the team?(rustling)You say your goodbye Chad.Vy, I, I don't know how to feel about this'cause, (sighs) I-I feel, I
feel just heart broken thatyou're, that we have to
force you to leave like,why did you lie, why won't
you just tell us the truth?Just tell us what's happening.I know-I know you're a
good person inside butfor some reason, yo-you're
doing something andyou're not telling us the
truth, just, just tell usthe truth so we don't
need to kick you out!I can't, it's for your own
good, it's not the time yet.I can't do it, you have
to trust me you guys.I-I (sighs) I do trust you
but (sighs) the Spy Ninjashave rules, we have to obey our own rules.We can't lie to each other Vy, that'sthe most important thing.(sobs) Okay, (sniffles) I'll just go then.Yeah Vy we really are going to miss you.Maybe, just quit Project
Zorgo one day or something.Just, just tell us,
tell us what's going on.It's, it's not the right time.You guys have to trust me.We'll, we'll see each other again.- [Regina] Okay.(dramatic orchestral music)


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