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Totally Accurate Battle Simulator – Campaign Mode #3 [Adventure, Part 2] (No commentary)

Let’s STFU and Play: Totally Accurate Battle Simulator – Campaign Mode #3 [Adventure, Part 2]
If in doubt: Firework Archers.

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator TABS Campaign Mode Full Walkthrough / Playthrough / Guide

01:02 Tower Defence
02:15 Final Destination Berserker
02:54 Hiding Barrows
04:24 Wall Knights
05:28 Still Nothing To See Here
08:04 Final Destination BoneMage
09:10 Thrice Power
10:18 All The Archers
11:07 Death From Above
12:54 Final Destination Chieftain
13:26 Tree Mammoths
14:38 Traffic Jam
16:04 Big Confusion
17:38 Final Destination Knight
18:36 All The Potions
19:35 One At A Time, Please
21:29 Shoot The Cow
23:08 Final Destination Jarl
23:48 Fliers Only

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Totally Accurate Battle Simulator on Steam:

Pokemon (

‘Voices of Spring’ by Johann Strauss II (
‘The Legend of Zelda Theme’ by Koji Kondo (
‘I Believe I Can Fly’ by R. Kelly (




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