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Top Music Games Like Audiosurf

Here are some of the top music generated games I have found!

More game info and links below

Raycatcher is a simplistic yet addicting game where you must catch the incoming colored circles with the correct one on your ball. My hope is that this becomes an iOS game.

Beat Hazard is a 2D asteroid like shooter. Except it has visuals that practically fry your eyeballs and rave along to the beat of your music.

The Polynomial is a more relaxing first person visualizer that has the aspects of a shooter. Flashing lights, stars, lots of customization, tons of maps, and odd pac-man enemies fill this game.

Symphony is a larger and more complex retro shooter. It’s like Space Invaders, but controlled by your music. The enemies and visuals are synced to your music. The goal is to ‘liberate’ your music by playing through your songs. You can unlock unique weapons by liberating songs. With these unique weapons you can customize your ship to your liking!

Audiosurf is practically the king of music generated games. It is the most well known and most played. It’s like guitar hero, with lots of drops, rises, and spins. Throw in some puzzle characters, LSD induced visuals, and you got AudioSurf.

Links to the games:

Beat Hazard:

The Polynomial:



Video transcription:


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