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Top 25 Best PC Strategy Games

Presenting a list of the top-rated strategy PC video games released. These are the best RTS, MOBA, and Turn-based titles available on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Support this channel by getting these games through the affiliate links below:
Company of Heroes
Crusader Kings II
Door Kickers
Dota 2
FTL: Faster Than Light
Invisible, Inc.
Medieval II: Total War
Mini Metro
Mount & Blade: Warband
Orcs Must Die! 2
Prison Architect
Rome: Total War
Sid Meier’s Civilization V
StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty
StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void
Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance
The Banner Saga 2
Total War: Shogun 2
Valkyria Chronicles
Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos
World in Conflict
XCOM: Enemy Unknown

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Video transcription:

25. Opening our list of the
Top 25 PC Strategy Games is Crusader KingsIIThe first entry on our list takes us back
to the pivotal moments of European history.Jumping from various timelines, expand your
reach as a Crusader King and take over thefragmented realms of a once chaotic nation.
This strategy game may discourage you forits ludicrous amount of DLC’s, but it’s
not everyday you can simulate your dynastywhile defending your lands from the Mongol
Horde. It receives a PlayScore of 8.6024. Total War: WARHAMMER IICreative Assembly’s latest touch on the
Warhammer franchise takes you to even greaterlengths with a promising campaign of exploration,
conquest and expansions across The New World.Divided by two distinct gameplay elements,
balance turn-based strategy with tacticalreal-time battles in titan-like battles. Critics
praised the game’s overwhelming design andcomplexity. It receives a PlayScore of 8.6223. The Banner Saga 2Stoic’s Award-winning adventure game returns
with more bold leadership decisions. Leadyour brave Viking warriors in the treacherous
landscapes of a beautifully handcrafted fantasyworld. Import your saves from the previous
game or craft your own expedition team tosurvive its world. Use your head in complex
tactical battles and make difficult choicesalong the way, but this time, for greater
consequences. It receives a PlayScore 8.6222. StarCraft II: Legacy Of The VoidA game that helped shape the future of Real
Time Strategy games. Blizzard’s crowningjewel and a well-loved classic. Legacy of
the Void is the third and final expansionpack of their long-running RTS. Stand in the
middle of a galactic war and experience newstories and features.This standalone expansion was widely praised
for its improved mechanics, fast-paced gameplay,and immersive story. Even until now, the game
is running pretty well with an active E-Sportscommunity. It has a PlayScore of 8.6321. Mount & Blade: WarbandLead your men into battle and set your eyes
on the throne of Calradia. Manage your legionof brazen soldiers because it’s a sandbox
enthusiast's playground. This standalone expansionpack from the epic Medieval warzone thrusts
you into the battlefield with clashing swordsand galloping horses. It receives a PlayScore
of 8.6720. Invisible Inc.Klei Entertainment’s success with Don’t
Starve drove them to make a new IP. One thattakes players on a tale of espionage, set
in the neon futures of 2074. Working for aprivate intelligence agency, take control
of the organization's best agents mountinga counter-attack against a corporate invasion.
Pick from a team of 10 unlockable agents andcustomize each of their builds as you play
through each of their randomly generated levels.It has a PlayScore of 8.6519. Door KickersHow does it feel to be a SWAT Team Member?
Picture Rainbow Six Siege in a top-down fashionand there you have it. Select from its five
distinct troopers that provide you with thebest course of action every time you blow
things up. Use stealth to mask your sound,or improvise along the way. Make your move
carefully because the levels are hard, asis real life SWAT operations. It has a PlayScore
of 8.6518. Prison ArchitectWhile most Prison games let you take control
of prisoners as they make their death-defyingescape, Introversion Software’s game lets
you CREATE your own penitentiary. Build jailcells, electric chairs, infirmaries and cafeterias
as you create a simulated environment aroundthese pesky criminals. Don’t let them escape.
It receives a PlayScore of 8.7117. World In ConflictConsidered as a spiritual successor of 2000’s
Ground Control, get ready to dive into analternate 80’s where the world is suffering
from an impending economic collapse. Thiscaused the countries to initiate World War
III with bigger consequences. Experience classicReal Time Tactics game like no other as you
deploy your units on the battlefield in thehopes of a good victory. It has a PlayScore
of 8.7216. Supreme Commander: Forged AllianceSimilar to the original Supreme Commander
game, players control a bipedal mech calledan Armored Combat Unit and build an unstoppable
army. This RTS game lets you decide the futureof humanity by removing the zealots that infested
Earth’s rotten soil. It’s warfare on anepic scale and it receives a PlayScore of
8.7315. Valkyria ChroniclesWhen Anime meets war. SEGA’s cel-shaded
wartime strategy game takes you to a landin the brink of a civil war. This 2008 PlayStation
3 game makes its way to the PC with enhancedfeatures and more content. Utilize the game’s
unique Tactical Combat gameplay Called theBlitZ Combat System. Players take control
of characters in the battlefield to move andshoot enemies via turn-based and real-time
moments. It receives a PlayScore of 8.7414. Mini MetroAs simple as it is sublime. Create a bustling
mass transit system in Dinosaur Polo Club’sminimalist game. Connect stations to various
countries around the world. Expand your reachto more countries with enough resources and
create the most interconnected subway systemin the whole world. How long can you last?
It receives a PlayScore of 8.7513. Orcs Must Die! 2Leap into the battlefield as a powerful mage
or a sorceress in this much awaited sequelof the popular tower defense game. Fortify
your defenses and protect dwarven mines orelven fortresses against a swarm of orcs.
Toss them, burn them, slice them, do anythingin your power to take them down. Or team up
with a friend and ready yourself when thehorde arrives. Utilize their unique abilities
to manipulate the environment. It has a PlayScoreof 8.7612. Dota 2The younger, better-looking brother to the
WarCraft mod that gave birth to MOBA itself.Swooped by gaming giant Valve, it's one of
the strongest contenders to Riot's own Leagueof Legends. With over 100 different heroes,
hundreds of items, and regular patch updates,it boasts a deep and growing well of strategies
to learn and unpack. Experiment with herobuilds, stack creeps, exploit bugs, and do
whatever you can to destroy that ancient.Despite the steep learning curve, it's one
of the most rewarding games out there—withor without the prize pool. It has a PlayScore
of 8.76.11. FTL: Faster Than LightA unique blend of roguelike and real time
strategy, this 2012 breakout title puts youat the helm of a spaceship amidst a galactic
battle. With your leadership and managementpowers, guide the ship through the minefield
of space navigation and save the galaxy. Itadds another layer of challenge with its roguelike
elements of randomized encounters and permanentdeath. If you like pain and being captain,
this is the game for you. It has a PlayScoreof 8.77.10. Rome: Total WarDo as the Romans do in this Total War title
that centers on the everyday management ofthe great Roman Empire. Play as the head of
the great houses, and place the fate of empireat your hands. In this turn based strategy,
whether it rises or it falls–it's all completelyup to you. Build and upgrade aqueducts, create
temples, and use unique battle tactics tobring neighboring cities to their knees. It
has a PlayScore of 8.79.9. Medieval II: Total WarFrom ancient empires, we move to the brutality
of the medieval age. A direct sequel to 2002'sMedieval: Total War, it improves on many aspects
of the original while adding in an array ofnew features. Take part in the most turbulent
centuries in Western History, and manage everythingfrom politics, religion, and, of course, warfare.
No one does war like the monarchs! It hasa PlayScore of 8.79.8. Warcraft III: Reign of ChaosThe third main entry to the legendary WarCraft
saga, Reign of Chaos was an unforgettableexperience for all of us. Take another dip
into the vast WarCraft universe, and playas Orcs, Humans, Night Elves and Undead. It
was the breakthrough videogame of the year,introducing creeps, day and night cycles,
and their now famous hero system. Relive thegoosebump-inducing cinematics, and revel in
the beauty of this high fantasy RTS. It hasa PlayScore of 8.8.7. TransistorA stylish blend of action, RPG, and turn-based
strategy, SuperGiant games takes us on a colorfultour of a dazzling city of lights. Like a
less aquatic and more badass disney princess,it follows the story of a singer, Red, who
goes on a quest to retrieve her voice. Usinga sword-like Transistor, battle against robotic
forces in combat that's as smooth as it isstrategic. Praised for its eye-candy aesthetics,
it receives a PlayScore of 8.82.6. Total War: Shogun 2The fourth and final Total War game on this
list. This sequel to the first Shogun titlereturns to the oriental shores of 16th century
Japan. Play as one of the nine major clansof Japan's provinces, and use their individual
skills to control the tides of Japanese progress.Manage the everyday lives of your citizens,
or put on your best Samurai armor to leadyour units to battle. It has a PlayScore of
8.86.5. Plants vs. ZombiesPopcap's zombie-fighting franchise has garnered
a surprising following, and its crawled intoplaces they've never thought possible. Play
as the green-thumbed homeowner, and use yourzombie-fighting flora to defend against a
horde of zombies. Take down your ghoulishtrespassers with crazy dave's collection of
peashooters, wallnuts, and so much more. Friendly,and fiendishly addictive, it has a PlayScore
of 8.89.4. StarCraft II: Wings of LibertyThe crown jewel of Blizzard's RTS wing, the
space saga made a stellar return when thisofficial sequel was released last 2010. This
sequel is divided over three parts, focusingon each of the different factions. Choose
your side amid the galactic war, and engagein another mastercrafted story with their
new features. It was one of the fastest sellingtitles upon release, and it remains a staple
among the esports community. It has a PlayScoreof 8.96.3. XCOM: Enemy UnknownFiraxis pays tribute to 1994's cult classic
UFO: Enemy Unknown in this 2012 release. Setduring Earth's near-future alien invasion,
you take the helm of an elite military organizationtasked with protecting the planet from their
martian invaders. Master their grid-basedarenas, and plan the perfect raid to eliminate
each of your enemies in local or in onlinemode. With the same tactical depth and solid
gameplay as the original, it receives a PlayScoreof 9.05.2. Company of HeroesOnce dubbed as the best military-themed real-time
strategies, it takes its rightful place aboveevery RTS on the list. Not even the games
of this generation came close to technicalperfection of this 2006 release. Take delight
in one of the most accurate war simulationsof the decade. With just 15 missions, it offers
an extraordinary amount of variety that willsatisfy any fan for years to come. A game
where actual strategy trumps size and sheerwill, It has a PlayScore of 9.06.1. And the best PC Strategy Game is Sid Meier's
Civilization VA name any self-respecting strategy enthusiast
will surely recognize. Despite its age andthe release of Civilization VI, it remains
one of the most beloved gems in the turn-based4X genre. Begin at the dawn of humanity, and
sink a few thousand hours to usher them througheach generation. Create armies, pillage neighbors,
and master the art of diplomacy. The bestat visuals and gameplay, it receives a fitting
Playscore of 9.1.


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