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Tomb Raider BTB 2010 : Venice – No Warehouses In Venice? Walkthrough

TRLE Back to Basics 2010 Venice – No Warehouses In Venice? Walkthrough

Level By : Gerty

Story :
Pretty soon it will be carnival time again in Venice. The city is gearing up to this huge festivity that attracts tourists from all over the world. Folks at the town hall are panicking, as the famous Carnival Mask that should be on display in the town hall, has been stolen. A note was left behind that the thieves wanted a large sum of money before this Sunday. Having not much time and knowing that Miss Croft was in town, they asked her help in this grave matter.

The mayor and the chief of police showed her the letter and all they could tell is that it the suspects of this hideous crime probably lived in the rundown areas of Venice. Now it is up to Miss Croft to find this Mask so this festival can start on time.

Well this level doesn’t have hard traps or mechanisms. It’s kinda empty in some areas. Did I see a rat underwater?!

Seeking list :

2:11 Glock 17
3:20 Warehouse Key
7:00 LaserSight
7:35 Mask Piece 1
9:44 Secret #1 – Rose Jewel
11:47 Secret #2 – Rose Jewel
14:29 Crowbar
20:26 Small Waterskin
24:36 Red Wine
26:47 Bag of Sand
32:08 Mask Piece 2

Time for another adventure in Venice! Here we go !

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Video transcription:


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