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Time Sphere – Game Walkthrough (full)

Move quickly and head straight to the exit. Sounds like an easy task but you’re in for a big challenge as you try to your luck here in Time Sphere. This platform game will test your skills in jumping from platform to platform without getting yourself eliminated by the traps. First, you will need to fetch the golden key somewhere and then head to the exit to complete the level. Use your ability to shoot a time sphere that will hold the object inside. This weapon will help you stop the turrets from shooting but you can only shoot one sphere at a time so watch out!


Time Sphere is a fun and challenging puzzle platform game where you need to shoot time spheres to stop the movement of objects that are generally hazardous to the character you are controlling, there are 25 challenging levels in the game, you will start out pretty easy but it will become more complex as you progress through the game, the levels i the game also features a variety of obstacles and traps, like spikes, gaps, lasers, spinning blades and many more, no worries though as your character will be armed with a gun that shoots time spheres, all you need to do here is to shoot the objects that move to stop them from moving, thus giving your character a safe passage for you to navigate, your main goal in every level is to get to the exit but before doing so you need to get the key first, otherwise, the door won’t open up for you, controlling the game is fairly easy by the way, you only need to use the WASD keys to move your character and the mouse to aim and shoot, so come on and check out the game, see if you have what it takes to beat all 25 levels of the game here in Time Sphere.

Graphics and Sound

Time Sphere has very simple graphics, it is pixel art inspired and quite a pretty one at that, character design is quite simple too, the character featured in the game looks quite small, with not much detail but it still managed to look nice as you can still make out a guy with a gun, environments are quite nice too, each of the levels pretty much look the same but they have varying obstacles in them that become more complex as you go up the levels, colors are quite nice too as the different objects can be easily distinguished, animations are also smooth as can be seen from the movement of the character and the other moving parts of the game, music and sounds are also nice, the in game music has a funky techno beat and sound effects although there really isn’t that many, still managed to make the game quite fun, special effects on the other hand are quite simple, nothing really new here but the game still looked great, besides, the emphasis of the game is on the puzzles not the visuals, overall, the game is still great, quite simple but pretty still.


Time Sphere is a puzzle game and as such you will be solving puzzles all throughout, you can shoot as many spheres as you want in the levels but only one will take effect, when you shoot another sphere, the first one is nulled and and the second one takes effect, be careful here as it could get your character to his untimely demise, you also have unlimited lives when you play the game which is quite nice as dying is really a part of it, my character actually died so many times here that I lost count.


Time Sphere features a puzzle solving platform game presented in pixel arts, there are 25 levels available each one featuring nice puzzles for you to solve, you have unlimited ammo for your gun and unlimited lives to use and best of all, the game features simple and easy to use controls to make it easier and more fun to play.


Time Sphere is quite fun and challenging, it is not really that simple, especially if you have reached the higher levels, but it is really fun, check it out guys.

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