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This Fan Game Might Surpass Jet Set Radio Future HD… | JSRF Multiplayer Version 0.4.2 Preview (PC)

It’s time to take a look at the newest alpha version of JSRF Multiplayer, the project that could be our answer to playing Jet Set Radio Future on PC. Do the new features live up to the hype that’s been built up since the last version?

JSRF Multiplayer Download:
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Music used:
Hideki Naganuma – Funky Dealer

2 Mello – Poison Jam

DJ Chidow – Nights Into Dreams Part 1

android52 – dancing all night

New Features & Changes from 0.4:
-Added Tokyo-Tokens along with the token shop. You can buy cosmetics and garage customizations in the token shop. Earn tokens by playing the game. (you can’t buy them with IRL money)
-Added 2Mello’s “Memories of Tokyo-To” album
-Added “Recipe for the Perfect Afro” since it was missing
-Added screenshot mode in offline mode
-Added playlist editor
-Added patreon integration (donators now get a special name color and some extra cosmetics)
-Added discord rich presence support
-Added new map: Fortified Residential Zone
-Added new character: Rhyth
-Added new character: RC-1000
-Added new challenge: Bomb Defusal
-Added new challenge: Flood
-Added day/night cycle
-Added dynamic weather
-Added new map: Rokkaku Dai Heights
-Added new light trail preference option
-Added new character: Poison Jam
-Added new map: Shinjuku Station
-Added 99th Street to horde mode
-Added Chuo Street to horde mode
-Added Shinjuku Station to horde mode
-Added new outfit skin: Classic Rhyth
-Added new free mode events
-Added new gamemode: Jet Crush
-Added new outfit skin: Panda Kigurumi
-Added new skins: Classic Spraycans
-Added the Pimp Your Garage system, customize your garage at Roboy!
-Added new gamemode: Last Stand (infinite horde mode, may be unstable after wave 30)
-Added new loadscreen hints
-Added new camera style setting
-Readded custom music importer
-Added option to disable PVP in race mode
-Added option to use client side pickups in race mode
-Added new legend skins for Zero Beat, Rhyth and Rapid 99
-Added camera shake to make some things feel heavier
-Added some new controller settings (turning deadzone, vibration)
-Added new outfit skin: Monster Jam (Poison Jam)
-Added new outfit skin: Azuro (Zero Beat)
-Added new outfit skin: NT-1999 (Noise Tank)
-Added new character: Golden Rhino Dancer
-Added new outfit skin: Beta (Gum)
-Updated save format. (Unfortunately, old saves won’t work, sorry)
-Overhauled lighting and shading
-Moved some of the settings menus to the ingame pause menu. So now you don’t have to disconnect if you want to change your settings.
-Improved audio mixing stuff
-Fixed weather quality settings not working
-Ported the rain puddle FX from Patient 426 (my other game)
-You can now return to the lobby from a game in progress
-You can now edit server settings from the lobby (may be bugs I missed with this feature, as the system wasn’t originally designed for this)
-Characters now have stat archetypes like JSRF instead of independant stats (some characters still have unique stats like Akumu, Cube, Soda and a few others)
-Improved pedestrian performance

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Jet Set Radio art by Alex:

Ace Attorney art by Mae:

Persona-esque art by ScruffyTurtles:

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