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The Necromancer God of Frenzy – Gore Magala in Monster Hunter World! (Lore/Discussion/Theory/Fun)

Gore Magala commands a deadly virus wiping out all life! Enjoy!

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Imagining Gore Magala, Shagaru Magala and Chaotic Gore Magala in Monster Hunter World fills me with excitement! It would be one hell of a mini Monster Hunter World G-rank DLC story that’d add an awesome Kulve-like event to the game with new armor and weapons, not to mention the Frenzy Virus. Gore Magala deadly weapon. Turning normal monsters in to rampaging zombies and some lucky ones into Apex Monsters in Monster Hunter World would be a sight to behold. We got over the Monster Hunter Gore Magala Lore and the Shagaru Magala lore along with all you need to know about the Frenzy Virus lore and ecology in Monster Hunter World!

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