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The Great and Powerful Dino Tamer, Ark- PS4

My daughter and I try to stream on Wednesday afternoons PST but I had issues with Restream io and Streamlabs so I just recorded her taming Frank, who she sadly lost right after that.
Welcome to my channel, I am Shardvixen AKA Grandmie. This channel is all about me; my gameplay, my art and my life. This is a channel designed for adults with adult themes and language. I am also known as Grandmie-dies-a-lot and Miss Oblivious who Misses the Obivious. PS: yes I am a grandmother and a mother who likes to play games, rather badly.
I create videos and try to get animation done. I have a vlog which is here every Saturday for the most part.
If you want to help my channel out, all donations go towards equipment, games and art supplies, you can go here:
It is never required to enjoy my channels.
Want to know about me, check out my 鄭bout�section and come join my discord for a taste of what makes my life fun.
For more family friendly fun check out my other channel, Shardvixen’s Magificent Channel:

Check out the Geknip Gang on Discord and Youtube for great gamers to watch, share gaming with and have a chat or two.


For all my links of social media check my about page, I wrote it up with you all in mind. Please come and hang out in my discord, it is all about those things that make life fun.

Please comment and let me know that you like, dislike or have a few ideas for me. Blessings of Peace and Happiness to you all and Catch you on the flip side.

Intro Music: Dirt Road Traveler by Audionautix found on the Youtube Audio Liberary

Outro done by Mosfet:
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Video transcription:


Grandmie and Shesahma,Fox goddess becomes a teacher,shardvixen is just a voice in the vision,Ark,Playstation,PS4

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