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Talking Tom and Friends – Landlord in Love | Season 2 Episode 23

The Landlord wants to sell the app studio and move to a tropical island! Can the gang change his mind?

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Join Talking Tom and the gang on their quest for stardom! Tom and Talking Ben want tech fame and fortune, Talking Angela wants to be a singer, Talking Ginger, the neighbor kid, just wants to be involved, and as for Talking Hank… Well, Hank just wants to watch TV and eat! Although their plans never seem to work out the way they plan, their adventures are just too amazing to miss!

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Talking Tom and Friends are also known as: Sprechender Tom und Freunde, Tom qui parle et ses amis, Talking Tom y sus amigos, Tom Falante e Amigos, Talking Tom e Amici, Konuşan Tom ve Arkadaşları, توم المتكلم والأصدقاء

Video transcription:

-Lamp shot!
-Wah![Hank] Couch shot![Angela] Fridge shot!Ow! Hey!Whoa! A computer-Ben-juice-cup shot!
That's game!-Woo hoo! Yeah!
-[Angela] Good job, Tom.-Are you guys still playing garage-pong?
-Uh…-Aw, man! I missed it!
-[Tom] Sorry, Ginger.- Pajama, pajama…
-I was practicing all day.But Ms. Vanthrax made me stay
after schoolbecause I was distracting people –
with my mad skills!Throwing a ball in a classroom
is distracting? Since when?She just loves punishing me!I'll tell you what, Ginger,
I'm ready to go another round.Because this garage will always be a place
where garage-pong is not a crime!-Hey!
-Oh, no! It's the landlord!Tom, you hit His Highness
right in the eye-ness.Prithee, m'lord, do not kick us
off your lands for this grand offense.Kick you out? For playing pong-ping?
Never![all] Phew!I am kicking you out
because I am selling this place.- What?!
– So, you have to leave. Bye bye!-Wait!
-Oh! Wa-oah Why are you selling your house?Uh… real estate deals
are complicated and boring.But maybe it will make sense to you
if I explain it in song.[ tropical music] I want to live on tropical island Eat coconuts
and frolic on semi-dry land Oh, party and play aboard yachts
on the seas Ride down the lava on tiki skis And most of all Finally find love of my life! -Aw!
-This is our home! What will we do?"Wah, wah, wah." You are soft and weak.When I was boy in mountain village,
I sleep on thorn busheswith blankets made of rocks.Oh, but you whine when I sell garage.Cos it's also our office!Maybe new owner lets you stay.You know,
he says you guys are best friends.Really? Who's the new owner?Er, something like eh, starts with C,
like the sound a bird makes. C.O.O–What?! The CEO?!He's not our best friend.
He's our worst enemy.Eh. When I was your age
we had real enemy -the people-biting-fury-fish that would
bite us when we swim in Lake Ouchie.Why would you swim in Lake Ouchie?Believe me, much safer than Lake Yikes.
[thunder claps]Please! No! Anybody but the CEO.
Landlord, come back!Call me by my island name now – Sandlord.-[chuckles]
-Ugh.-Uh, Hank. Why are you gardening?
-I'm not gardening, Tom.I'm digging up my plants
so I can take them with me.Hank, don't give up yet, okay?
We're not leaving without a fight.Okay. Back you go, little buddies.Agh!Aw.CEO, what are you doing here?Gloating. I've beaten you, Tom,-Barton, Fredo, Minnie.
-Uh…Don't correct me. Your names don't matter.-[helicopter whirrs]
-[Ben] Whoa! What is that?It's the first piece for my Museum of Me![CEO] That's what I'm putting in here
when I kick you to the curb.I think it will look good in the place
where your hopes and dreams used to go,don't you?[evil laugh]I will not let him get this garage.Hey there, Landlord.
I'm the CEO's brother.He told me to buy the garage for him.
So let's close this deal. What do you say?If you are CEO's brother,
why are you so hairy?Uh… shaving is for poor people!Whatever you say, brother of CEO.-[Landlord laughs]
-Yes!As long as you bring me the bathtub
full of money as payment,we can close the deal.How about we close this deal
with a trusting business handshake?No handshake.
We agreed, bathtub full of money!I see. Good day, sir.We need another plan.[ tropical music]Aloha, Landlord. Sit down, have a coconut!And now we present a song guaranteed
to make you want to keep the garage. You don't need to go
to a tropical island We have coconuts and fake sand, too No need for the big waves of the ocean We can leave the garden hose
running for you Bravo!Now, point me to the love of my life
and maybe I stay.We don't have that part yet,
but have you ever tried skimboarding?Hm. All right. Show's over.-No?
-Start packing.Are you actually giving up on the garage,
after all it's done for you?It's over, Ginger. We tried everything.-Coconuts, sand, disguises…
-Even skimboarding.We couldn't give the landlord
what he wanted most of all. The love of his life The love of his life, huh?I have an idea that might solve
both our problems.Something happened at detention today
with Ms. Vanthrax.I was cleaning the masks that she uses
to scare the children into behaving.Some of them are of her.Aagh!Ms. Vanthrax, this is a creepy punishmentwhen all I did was draw a picture of you –
as a cyclops!-[Ginger giggles]
-Hm! Thanks for noticing.I live alone, so I've got nothing to dobut think of creative ways
to punish children![evil laugh]Ms. Vanthrax is single
and the landlord wants to mingle.So if we get them together,
she'll be too busy to punish me.And if the landlord is in love,he won't want to leave,
which means he won't sell the garage.I think you're on to something.[violin scraping tunelessly]Well, I guess people do need lessons
to play these things.Let me try.
I watch a lot of violin-based television.Hm.[plays a beautiful scale]Whoa.TV, you've never failed me.
[knock on door]She's here!
Guys, remember – be romantic.I'm here about your ad
for the masks that can scare children–Thomas?I never thought I'd see you
in the fast-paced world of scary masks.I think you'll find
that this night is full of surprises.I just want the masks.What's your hurry? Please, come on in.Oh, no. I see what's going on here.You arranged this romantic situationto set me up with an available gentleman,
didn't you?-[ Da-da-da-duh!]
-Er, no.Everyone assumes a beautiful,
sophisticated gal like myselfis looking for a man – well, I'm not!-[ Da-da-da-duh!]
-But you said…I mean, I heard you just sit around
all day thinking of punishments!-[Hank playing "Beethoven's 5th symphony"]
-Yes! That's what I love to do.And that's what I'll be doing
for the rest of the evening!Oh!Okay, Tom, show me this rare mold
you found growing in kitchen.What's going on here?-[Hank plays romantic tune]
-Did you arrange this romantic situationto set me up with this distinguished lady?Absurd, isn't it?-Oh, no. It's not working.
-They just need a little more of a push.[clears throat] Wow!
You guys really figured us out!Darn! We hoped tricking you would be easy.Easy? That's the problem with you!
You want everything to be easy!Mm, so true!
Kids these days are soft and weak.Yes, they are.[landlord] You tell me more
about how kids have it these days.Well, they're always complaining.Such complaining, right?
Yes, yes. [chuckles]When I was a child, we never complained.And we used to sleep on rocks
with thorn bushes for blankets.-Ah, tell me more… Yes.
-[flirtatious laugh]It's working. We're going to get
to keep the keep the garage![laughing] This is crazy.But tell me, how do you feel about…
tropical islands?I've always wanted to live on one.[ tropical music] I finally live on tropical island Cos I found the love of my life! I'm the love of his life! But guys, if they run away to a tropical
island, we still lose the garage.Agh! After a series
of nail-biting ups and downs,our plan is ultimately
just a down, down, downer!But Ms. Vanthrax is going away,
so half the plan worked – my half!-[Tom] Good for you, Ginger.
-[Ginger] Ugh.I'm going to regret this!-Oh!
-Take that, Vanthrax!Ginger!
I don't know what you were thinking,but you've just arrowed yourself
into a week's detention.Oh, no, a week's detention?Well, I guess I deserve it for being
rambunctious. Wait a minute! You can't give me detention You're going to be
on a tropical island! [giggles]Oh. I'm sorry, handsome.I can't leave this town
when everything I love is here.Specifically, I mean
many children that need to be punished.I understand. In that case…I'm not selling.-I can't leave this remarkable woman.
-Woo-hoo!-Yes! All right!
-You did it, Ginger!-You saved the garage!
-Watch out!You're about to get detention
from a beautiful lady![chuckles]-And after that, dinner?
-I'd like that.And I hope you like third grade,
cos you're never leaving it![Ginger screams]Remember my sacrifice!Wow. That was one brave kid.[finishes with flourish]Voilà!


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