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Super Street The Game – Content Overview – Customization and Gameplay (All Event Types)

Super Street The Game is being released today and I have already completed the game. Here you can see an overview of the content in it, including all the customization options for your career car and some gameplay with various cars in all 5 locations and featuring all 7 different event types.

0:14 Career Mode Overview
0:56 Quick Race Location and Event Overview
2:30 Quick Race Car Selection Overview (All Cars)
3:54 Basic Multiplayer Options
4:14 Garage Overview
4:52 Exterior Parts
7:08 Performance Parts
9:01 Wheel Parts
10:11 Light Parts
10:40 Interior Parts
11:22 Unlocked Crew Members
11:42 Example Customization of a “Silvia”
15:34 Paint Options
17:20 Options Menu
18:16 “Circuit” Event at Fairlake with “Impreza”
20:37 “Time Trial” Event at Berkhill National with “Evo”
22:40 “Duel” Event at Fort Ecran with “Golf”
24:36 “Arcade” Event at Manjara Desert with “Mustang”
27:15 “Sprint” Event at Donver Bay with “Skyline”
28:39 “Eliminator” Event at Fort Ecran with “Civic”
30:50 “Joyride” Event at Manjara Desert with “Prelude”

The career mode consists of 60 events and takes about 4-5 hours to complete. At the very beginning you pick one of 8 cars as your career car and you can not change it afterwards. Only after completing the career you have the option to restart it. Two of the last few races were pretty difficult and frustrating because of the fast and aggressive AI but otherwise the career was fairly easy for me. Playing through the career unlocks additional events and adds a bunch of girls as crew members to your garage.

In quick race mode you can play the 60 career events or do free roam cruising at any of the 5 locations. Here you can use your career car or one of various premade cars. The cars in this game are not official ones but they do resemble real cars, although often a different one at the front and back.

There are 7 different event types, with some of them having slightly confusing names. “Circuit” is just a regular circuit race against several opponents. “Duel” is exactly the same but on a very short figure 8 style track. “Eliminator” is a circuit race where the driver in last place gets eliminated after some time.

“Time Trial” is just a regular checkpoint run. “Arcade” is a checkpoint run where you have to get as far as possible before the time runs out. “Sprint” is a pretty interesting event type where you have to visit all the checkpoints on the map but you can freely choose in which order. It reminds me of the Speedtrap events in The Crew Wild Run. I feel like more racing games should have a mode like this. In “Joyride” you have to get a high score by destroying objects and crashing into traffic.

Only your career car can be customized and like I said you can’t change it to a different one unless you finish and restart the career, which is probably one thing that a lot of people won’t like about the game. You can see the different customization options in the video.

The game does have a split screen mode and also online multiplayer. I might have a look at the multiplayer later.

The driving physics take some getting used to. For some corners you actually have to brake surprisingly early or your car will refuse to turn in because you are going too fast. This should probably be toned down a bit for an arcade game like this. There are also some situations where the car randomly starts to oversteer or spin out and it is very hard to save in such a case. This needs to be fixed as well. At least the physics aren’t fundamentally bad like in the recent NFS games though. They are grip and not drift physics, which is nice.

One thing that I am personally not a fan of is the blur effect when using nitrous. I wish there was the option to turn this off like you can in games like NFS Underground or Most Wanted.

I talked to some of the devs of the game at gamescom and they provided me with early access to the game. However, unfortunately I can’t really recommend the game in its current state for a price of $50. The amount and the quality of the content is just not quite enough for such a high price tag. Maybe if more content is added or there is a sale in the future it could be worth it a bit more. I think it’s nice that someone is at least trying to make a new arcade racing game with grip handling, so I don’t want to be too harsh on the game.

The devs emphasized to me that the release of the game is just the beginning for them and that they would like to update and expand it in the future based on the feedback of the players. Personally I think some leaderboards for the single player events would be nice or at least they should save your personal best, so that there is more of a reason to replay them, since it is questionable if there will be many people active in the multiplayer mode.

You can find some of the devs and other people who are interested in this game on the official Discord server here:

Video transcription:


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