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SPIN DAY BEST TRICKS! | Kumita ng up to $500 USD w/ PAYMENT PROOF! (Not a Clickbait) | Marky Vlogs

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Video transcription:

Hello what's up guys! Welcome back to my channel Marky Vlogs!And for todays video, we're going to review an application, and the name of the app is "Spin Day"So before anything else I would like to show you that I already requested redemption in this app as you can seeIt says here, Congratulations you've reached 5m tokens!And it also says, your money should reach your Paypal Account within 7 business days.[Music Applause]Okay guys so before we get started, I just want you to know that we received the payment already.If we're going to check here it says, Viker has sent you $5.00USD(There's a bonus token for those who send proof of payment to them. So they can post it on their FB Page.)Alright, so this app is legit since they've paid me already. And I'm going to show you know how this app works!Let's check the app on Playstore. Searching "Spin Day" …There you go, this is what it looks like.And regarding with the download link, I will also post it in the description box.After you download & once you open it you will see this Spin Day Consent, all you need to do is to check it outAnd you also need to be over 18 years old to run this app and meet the requirement.Then after that we can click Accept. And after we click the accept button,We'll see here the currency that we can choose from …But as of now, we're going to choose either USD/EUR. And then we just need to click continueThen it will go to this page, (Instructions on how to play the game)Match the 3 jackpot symbols to win even bigger prizes!So we just need to match 3 required symbols to win the jackpot on this app.Then after that, this is the next page that will show & they will give quick tutorial before you start the game.And then after that, we need to click that tab on the bottom right corner, the one encircledWe need to click that to login on our Facebook accountOkay so after we login guys, let's open the app once again. (App loading …) Let's wait for it guys to openThere you go, and this is what you'll see on our app. Alright so, let's check the app on how it works,So let's click the first one here, Disco Deckhead. (Worth $25 if you hit jackpot)Let's try to make a spin, and we've got 500 tokens!And let's try to spin once again …Just keep on spinning, and for example you hit the Robo Logo with 3 matches, then you'll get $10But if not, any other matches we can still also get some tokens or paypal money (accumulated)And there you go, we've got some tokens that'll add up on our tokens (accumulated)And that's how easy it is to run the earning game app.Regarding with the app, they also have some event. If you will noticed here beside the timerOnce we click this one, it says here 20 days Christmas Event. And for this one we can check it right hereInstructions …They have a condition that we need to meet. We need to spin atleast 6 spinners for us to unlock the boxes/dayAlright so if we saw the Elves, then we're going to get some tokensAnd if we collected total 12 Elves then we'll get 10M tokens!Okay so we're going to hit back and I'm going to show you this timeThe one on the bottom left corner, once we click it, we're going to see here our achievements in the appLike if we Like them on Facebook, Follow them on Instagram, Follow them on Twitter,We're going to get some tokens. And also we can get other achievements to unlock …Like First Spin, Just keep spinning, and so on and so fort. Okay so, beside that tab, is the leaderboard.This leaderboard doesn't do much or give any about the app, it's more on ranking of playersWhenever they want to check it out, they can do it here.Alright so, let's skip this and let's go back here. and by the way as you can see here there's a timer.Right after we finished all our spinners here, they will all reset right after the countdown.Then we may able to spin again for another batch of spinners. The tab beside it is the Winners Gallery!So in this tab, we can see here the players that made a cashout in this application.And for the last tab, as you remember earlier we've login facebook in this tab right?After we login, this is how you will see. We may invite our friends so both of us can get 100k tokens instantly!Feel free to use my code if you want, I will leave it in the description box and pinned comment.(PS. I remove my code so everyone can comment/share and use their respective codes)This is the page where you can enter the code from your friend at the upper part.Once you enter, click Submit Code, then boom! both of you will get 100k tokens!We can only input one code and if we're going to invite there's a cap of 15 invites as per Terms and Conditions.Alright so, once again guys we have 2 wallets in hereThe first one is the tokens, and the other one is the accumulated Paypal money.If we're going to click this 2 lines in the upper left cornerWe can see here, how to cashout/redeem, where we can payout our tokens/paypalJust like for this one, if we're going to click cashout, we need to reach atleast $10 for us to cashout in Paypal.And as of now we have, $6.10 and we still need few more to cashout.And for the redeem tokens, we need to have atleast 5M tokens for us to cashout $5.00usdSo aside with the jackpot when spinning, we can still get tokens or paypal (accumulated) for us to cash out also.And by the way, this app has FB page that you can check out, just type Spin Day on the search bar in FacebookThey also have some events on their FB page and they're giving tokens to the winners.And also they're posting some players who got redeemed or hit the Jackpot in this app.And that's easy it is to run this app, just keep on spinning and you'll never know …You may hit the Jackpot and win in this earning app.Okay so I believe that's it for this video guys. Thank you so much for watching!Please Like this Video if you learned something and feel free to share it to your friends.And if you're not yet Subscribe, Please Subscribe to my Channel that's it and a peace!Like, Share and Subscribe!


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