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Sniper Master City Hunter Alex City Top Secret Mission 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 Android/iOS

Become the best sniper master and start this exciting sniper fight !
#SniperMaster #CityHunter
The city needs justice, so someone has to act for it. As an best sniper, you should do something, fight all the evils and darkness of the city, maintain peace in the city, and become a hero #sniper2.
As a sniper, the most important thing is to calm down, open the eight times scope, aim and pull the trigger. One shot one kill. Find the best location, in a hidden place, open fire when the enemy is not paying attention, then shoot. Leave quietly, this is the mission of a sniper.
Pay attention to protecting yourself, the evil forces have also hired a group of snipers. They are hiding in the dark and ambushing you – the patron saint of the city. Be prepared to fight with them and survive to maintain justice and fairness.
There are a lot of sins in this city that spread in all corners. Arm yourself, so that you can handle them in the face of them. Gangs, extremists, armed groups, escaped criminals, mercenaries… danger everywhere. Go to forge the best sniper rifle, increase your survivability. End the battle in the quickest way, to ensure maximum survival ability..
You are a sniper, your mission is to attack sin. Your way is to use the sniper rifle in your hand. To be quick, accurate, ruthless, and only one shot can end the battle, one shot can protect the security of one area! Ready to be such a sniper, shoot for justice!

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