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Shadows Of Doubt Is Deus Ex With Detectives In An Incredible Simulated City

Shadows Of Doubt is Deus Ex with detectives, set in an incredible simulated city. Matthew tries to solve a murder in this Shadows of Doubt gameplay, presented as part of Rezzed Digital. Check out more new indie games at

Shadows of Doubt blows our mind: a simulated city full of virtual lives for you to investigate. That means sneaking into their homes, getting into their air vents, having fights, burgling companies under the cover of dark and using a handy phone book to find out where suspects live. It’s stealthy like Deus Ex, but with a detective focus we’ve never seen in an immersive sim before. This Shadows of Doubt demo blows us away, so make sure to wishlist the game on Steam by clicking here:

This isn’t a Shadows of Doubt review, just early impressions based on a tutorial stage. Thanks to ColePowered Games for letting us take an early look. If you have any questions about Shadows of Doubt, pop them in the comments and we’ll do our best to answer them.

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