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PSX Longplay [417] Fade To Black

Played by: NPI

but for mid-1995 when it was released it was also a little bit unique as there were not many 3D Third-Person perspective games back then, it was one of the first. Sure, the levels seems rigid and empty, and the controls are stiff, but for that time it was good.

The game takes place 50 years after Flashback. After destroying the Morph’s base at the end of Flashback and 50 years of cryo-sleep and drifting through space, Conrad Hart is found by the Morphs and imprisoned in the Lunar prison of New Alcatraz. There, he is rescued by John O’Conner, a leader of the resistance movement. And it’s all action from that point, no pauses, nothing. For a man that has been sleeping for 50 years you’d think they would cut him some slack.

I think this game deserve a time stamp for all the levels. Your energy bar goes up whenever you begin a new level, but you can’t really tell when a level ends and when a new one begins. The first few levels are 15+ minutes long or so, the others are sometimes less than 5 minutes long. It’s weird. Also the reason why I haven’t visited all the rooms is that often they are traps or there is nothing in them.

00:04:47 Level 01 – The Prison
00:23:56 Level 02 – Morph Base
00:41:32 Level 03 – Mars Mining Facility
00:54:37 Level 04 – Venus Space Station
01:06:36 Level 05 – The Pyramid
01:26:07 Level 06 – Landing Pad
01:27:00 Level 07 – Underground
01:31:49 Level 08 – Morph Mothership
01:40:40 Level 09 – Earth Base: Command Room
01:47:07 Level 10 – Earth Base: Dormitory
01:51:39 Level 11 – Reactor Room
01:56:09 Level 12 – The Master Brain

Video transcription:


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