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On Being Disabled: It’s Not a Dirty Word, But Society Sucks [8/08/20 Twitch Stream]

Me, Mira, and Jaden discuss what it’s like being autistic and disabled in society. More info + timestamps below.
(I apologize for one of the music tracks being a little loud)

1. 07:45 Neurodiversity Definition
2. 09:50 Mira’s disabilities / Neurodivergences
3. 12:17 Lushia’s disabilities / Neurodivergences
4. 13:35 Jaden’s disabilities / Neurodivergences
5. 16:10 Our strengths and weaknesses
6. 24:18 Mira’s experiences with bullying, the role of trauma / PTSD
7. 30:34 How our disabilities affect us, and how society affects us (some mentioned in #6) … 31:17 Medical Model vs. Social Model of disability definitions
8. 34:38 Jaden’s Experience with disabilities + society
9. 40:05 Social media interfering with functioning
10. 53:23 Lushia’s Experience with disabilities + society
11. 1:05:55 Mira’s Experience with disabilities + society
—SSI: Difficult to get, difficult to keep, and society’s views of SSI—
12. 1:10:51 Applying for SSI
13. 1:22:17 How much you get on SSI … 1:23:45 Food stamps
14. 1:25:26 The actual cost of living vs. SSI monthly payments
15. 1:33:49 Low-Income Housing, it’s complicated and not so great
16. 1:42:41 Why SSI is hard to keep: work limitations, reporting income, penalties, painstaking processes, government mistakes
NOTE: One thing I forgot to mention was ABLE accounts, which are an exception to the $800 – $2000 savings limit rule. Read more about them here →
17. 1:51:34 Mira’s struggle with jobs/employers, unfair assessments
18. 1:54:59 The benefits of SSI, in the right circumstances (Lushia)
19. 1:59:00 Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), definition, examples of reasonable accommodations

I hosted this live podcast on my Twitch gaming channel. Follow me here! →
Typically I play retro games like Zelda: Majora’s Mask or Pirates Online (TLOPO).

For anyone wondering, I did meet that donation goal and was able to get the snowglobe. 🙂 Thanks to everyone who helped out!

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Music by Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

– Ebbs and Flows
– Elf Meditation
– Ancient Winds
– Tranquility
– Wind of the Rainforest
– Deep Relaxation

Video transcription:


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