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Official Trailer: The Mathematics of Games and Puzzles: From Cards to Sudoku I The Great Courses

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For thousands of years, games and puzzles have been an enjoyable and rewarding aspect of human civilization. They tease our brains. They challenge our memories. They strengthen our competitive skills. And whether it’s chess, poker, or Sudoku, most games have this in common: Everything you need to win is rooted in mathematics.

Using nothing more than a simple grasp of math, you can discover optimal ways to win games and solve puzzles with the speed and accuracy of professional players—many of whom attribute their professional gaming success to mathematical strategies. By using math as a unique lens through which to explore some of the world’s most popular games, you’ll:

improve the ways you win games and solve puzzles;

better understand exciting concepts in everything from algebra to probability to game theory;

make better decisions and take calculated risks in personal investing and other real-world situations;

keep your mind active and sharp at any age; and, perhaps best of all,

discover whole new levels of enjoyment with games you only thought you knew how to play.

Join award-winning Professor Arthur T. Benjamin—one of The Great Courses’ most popular instructors and a veritable mathemagician at making math enjoyable for everyone—for an in-depth look at new, better, more math-oriented ways to play and win games in The Mathematics of Games and Puzzles: From Cards to Sudoku. In just twelve 45-minute lessons, you’ll learn a rewarding set of skills you can apply to countless games and puzzles, whether you’re playing them in your living room or in a crowded casino. You’ll also learn that behind even the simplest games lies proof of just how beautiful and far-reaching mathematics is in your everyday life.
Try a free trial of The Great Courses Plus and watch the course here:

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