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Nobodies Murder Cleaner: Mission 1 – Quick Dry – Indonesia

How to play Nobodies Murder Cleaner Operation I – 1 Quick Dry

Nobodies is a first-person adventure game about cleaning up after assassinations. You are a member of a team sent in to remove all traces of government-sanctioned hits. There are a series of 11 operations to cover up, with one solution but many ways to fail.

Operation 1
Quick Dry
Remove the keys from the body and use them on the toolbox. Open the toolbox and search it to get a parrot wrench. Now pick up the body, as well as the trowel, bucket and cement from the ground, and some sand from the wheelbarrow. Try to turn the faucet, but it is stuck. Use the parrot wrench on the faucet, then use the bucket on the faucet to fill it with water.

Put the cement into the cement mixer, then add the sand and bucket of water. Turn on the mixer, then take the cement mix. In your inventory, use the trowel on the mix. Now use the body on the column over on the left side. Click on it again to push it inside. Use your trowel with mix on the column to completely hide the body.

Finishing Up
Put the parrot wrench back into the toolbox, then close it. Put the trowel and bucket back where you found them. Now leave the area Strong Foundation.

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