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*NEW* OP Weapon Gameplay “Mo Dao” | Soul Knight 2.7.1

I’m back with a new gameplay and it is a soul knight gameplay. In soul knight new update 2.7.0, I will showcase the New OP weapon gameplay of “Mo Dao”. Anyway, enjoy this fun episode!!!
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*Added 2 new characters Officer and Taoist, each comes with 2 skills. Taoist even has a unique passive buff!
*Added third skills for 8 characters.
*Added new skins.
*Added new challenge conditions like monsters shift on hit, monsters split to two and limited vision.
*Added a special challenge condition Loop Travel. Interact with the second Badass Girl to take that challenge!
*Mentor now shows up in Level Mode to upgrade the skill of your character.
*Added Lucky Cat Shop. You can trade fish chips for rare products like skins and pets.
*Added new monsters including Boomerang Cactus, Guard Crab and Transition Device.
*Added new seeds dropped by bosses, such as Snow Lotus and Red Spider Lily.
*Added a series of weapons (Deep Dark Blades, Golden Crab Warhammer, etc.)
*Added new mercenaries.
*Other improvements include:
– Improved visual effects of some skins
– To know more about the buffs/drinks you take along the way, you can now pause the game, tap and hold their icons for more info.
– Mercenaries can follow you to the next level, as long as they are surviving.
– Points of damage taken by Training Dummy linger above its head a bit longer.
*Other minor changes include:
– More weapons benefit from the buff “Bullets can bounce”
– The laser effect of Therapy weapons (Electric Therapy, Laser Therapy and Double Therapy) have been modified.
– Reposition Panda in the garden.
*Fixed a series of bugs.




Language: Filipino (Philippines)
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Country: Philippines
Nationality: Filipino/Pinoy
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