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Minecraft Invasion! Race to Save Jack! Chase Game with the Fun Squad!

Minecraft Invasion! Race to Save Jack! Chase Game with the Fun Squad! Jack is in a race to find items before the Fun Squad chasers (Jazzy Skye, Kade Skye and Dad Skye) can get him! Will he win? Can he outlast the chasers? Will time run out and the sneaky players upgrade before he can find the diamond sword? Watch this funny and exciting chase game where Jack Skye races from the Minecraft invasion!
What is your favorite Minecraft character? Is it Steve or Alex? Or is it the Minecraft creeper or the Minecraft enderman?

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Video transcription:

What's up, Fun Squad? I'm getting chased by Minecraft zombies. In order to survive, I need these items.Don't forget to like and subscribe before I get started! Ahh!"Kids Fun TV"[Zombie noises]So I need two pizza boxes for health, and I need a whoopee cushion and an air horn to distract them.And I also need a Nerf blaster and Nerf darts to stun them.[Zombies growling]And most of all, I need the Minecraft sword to get rid of these zombies for once and for all.Ahh![Zombies growling] And the zombies start out crawling slowly.But then they upgrade after 5 minutes to walking slowly, but then after 5 minutes they get to walk faster.And after 5 minutes, they get to run! Ha ha ha!The zombie's first phase is crawling, and the game starts now![Zombie noises][Zombies growling]Ahh!I really need one of those pizza's, so I can survive!They're coming![Zombie noises]Ahh![Zombies growling]They're coming!Guys! Fun Squad, the zombies are coming after me![Zombie growls and noises][Zombies growling]Ahh![Zombies growling][Zombie noises][Smack] Ow![Zombie growls][Smack] Ah![Angry zombie noises][Zombies growling] Ahh! Ahh![Zombie noises][Zombie growls][Slow motion zombie growls]Guys, this is kind of creepy, but these zombies are chasing me, and I don't even know where to look.[Zombie noises]Ahh![Zombie noises]Zombies! What's that over there?[Zombies growling]Get away, zombies! Get away![Zombies growling]Ahh!Oh no, guys! I'm stuck![Zombie noises]Ahh! Ahhh! Ahh![Zombie growls] Ah!Phew, found my backpack![Zombies growling]Wait one second.[Zombie noises]Hey, what's that over there? [Zombie growls][Slow motion zombie growls][Zombies growling][Zombie noises] Hahaha.[Zombie growls]Oh no, guys. I've only found the backpack, and I still have a lot more to go.Ahh!And I really need one of the pizza's, so I can survive. Ahh! Ahh![Zombie growls]Over here! Come over here![Zombie growls]Over here![Background laughter][Zombie noises]What the![Zombie noises]What's happening? Ahh!Over here.Under the bed? [Zombie growling] Ahh![Zombie growls]Oh yes, I found another item. Guys, I found the stun ray, and now I need the darts. Let's go.[Zombie growls]Oh no![Zombie growls][Zombie noises]Zombie upgrade! [Caution alarm]Zombie upgrade! [Caution alarms] Oh! [Zombie growling][Zombies growling]Take this zombie! Take this!Hiya! Hiya! Come on stun ray. Let's get out of here. Hiya! Hiya! Hiya! Stay back! Stay back![Zombie growls][Zombie noises]Guys, this blaster, it's too big to fit in my backpack, and the zombies don't know how to use it.So I guess I'll put it right here.Let's leave my backpack. Nope, I need my backpack.[Zombie noises]Good, the zombies are distracted by my blaster, and guess what? I just found the darts.Whatever.There!Yes! I got the darts for the blaster. The zombies are distracted. Time to get it.Hey, don't touch my blaster! [Zombie noises]Time to load it![Zombie growls]Get away, zombie! Get away![Zombie noises]Fun Squad, I am loading the darts, so that I can attack the zombies, and they'll be frozen.[Zombie noises]Ahhh![Zombie noises]Ahh![Zombie noises]Get away zombies!Got you!Oh sweet! They're frozen. Now time to find that pizza.Yes! I found my pizza box! Now I can renew my health!Ah! They're frozen for 30 seconds, and then they have to go to crawl mode and then walk and then yeah whatever.Okay, let's go. Oh no![Zombie growls]Oh no, I missed! Ah![Zombies growling]Ahh!Where else could these things be?Probably under these pillows.Ahh![Zombie growls][Background laughter][Zombies growling]Fun Squad, the zombies they're coming for me, and they look kinda creepy because they have these zombie masks on.Ahh! [Zombie noises][Blows with tongue out]Fun Squad, they're coming for me! Oh no![Blows with tongue out] Haha!If you stick your tongue at them, they think it's funny. [Blows with tongue out] Oh no. Now I've got to find something.Oh no![Zombies growling]I got you all![Zombie growls]Time to go![Zombie growls]Oh no, they're only frozen for 30 seconds!Come on. Maybe in here. No. It's not in there.Yes! I found the air horn. Now time to distract them, so I can find a diamond sword.[Zombie growls][Fog horn beeping] Over there![Zombie noises]Wow, that was loud![Zombie noises]Guys, while they're still distracted, I need to find that diamond sword. I'm gonna go outside.Hiya!Time to go.Maybe the diamond sword is out here. Oh no, zombie upgrade is soon.Zombie upgrade! [Caution alarms] Ahh![Zombie noises]I'll get you! I'll get you![Zombie noises]Got ya![Zombie growls]Get away zombie! Get away! Got ya![Zombie noises]Achoo![Angry zombie growls]Oh no, I still can't find the sword. I'll look in these bushes.The diamond sword has to be out here.[Zombie growls]Ahh!Where am I going to find it?Maybe over here somewhere.[Zombie noises]Pretty. [Zombie noises][Angry zombie growls][Zombie growls][Boing][Zombie growls][Boing]Time to check over here.Oh, whoopee cushion! Yes! Time to blow this up for a distraction.I never knew how creepy my brothers and sisters could be.Hey look at this! [Whoopee cushion noise] Over there![Zombies laughing]I think it's over here somewhere.Zombies' upgrade? Oh no!Zombie upgrade! [Caution alarms][Zombies growling] Ahh![Zombies growling] Ow![Slow motion zombies growling][Zombie growls] Haha! Yeah!Oh no, I've got to get this last one.Got him! Time to heal myself!One of the zombies got me, and I need to renew my health.I've got this pizza. Nom nom nom nom nom.I've all my health! I've got the power!Guys, I'm out of darts. This is no good to me anymore. I need to find that diamond sword.[Zombie noises][Zombie laughs][Angry zombie growls][Zombies laughing] Stop it!Oh no! Now they are in full upgrade! Now it's time to get that sword.Yes! Fun Squad, I'm so tired, but I finally got the sword to get them!Oh yeah! Time to come and get you![Background laughter]Got ya![Zombie noises]Hiya!Yes! Two down and one to go!Ahhh![Background laughter]Yahh!I am the Minecraft champion! Oh yeah! I win!Guys, that was so intense! Those zombies almost got me.It was so fun to be a zombie.Thanks so much for watching! Make sure to like and subscribe below.If you want to see another amazing and awesome video, click down here.Down here, yeah! Over down here. Anywhere down here.


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