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Minecraft, but bees spawn every time (Thousands of bees)

In this video, I downloaded a data pack so that bees spawn every time you do something in Minecraft. It got to the point where there were Thousands of bees spawning. Due to this, it made it a very hard challenge because you get swarmed by bees. After dying multiple times I realized how hard this Minecraft challenge is gonna be. Trust me when I say this, It was the hardest Minecraft challenge I have ever done…
This video is made into a more of a meme video with lots of sound effects and lots of memes. so if you find this video funny make sure to leave a like it really helps out the channel!!!
anyways enjoy, Minecraft, but bees spawn every time (Thousands of bees)

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Video transcription:

Yeah so the first thing we gotta do is
just likecut this tree down you know nothing too
irregular dudewhat is happening with this like why is
there a bee that just likepops out of the tree randomly is this
real lifeoh my god dude oh my god dude oh my god
literally adopt me and call me jimmyholy shit i don't think he's coming
after usi think we're in the clear boys oh he's
coming after uswait i could i can finesse himi think we get like cows for food i
think that's how society worksyou kill the the people lower in life
than youthere's either this data pack is going
to completely break my pc orbreak all of my freaking chromosomesthey're still chasing me
you like jazz dude there's so manyfreaking people
oh he shoots bees there's somany what the creeper is flying on the
beachwhat epic meat jump what do you guys
think i always have to do the epigeejump
yeet okay we just gotta find a villagei think that would be kind of cool that
would be kind of epic gamer movei'm pretty sure finding a village
killing all their childrentaking all their supplies you know just
the regular thing that every minecraftplayer does
you know society thingsokayoh my god dude the the meaning of life
i love myself from good raw chicken youknow what i'm saying
raw chicken kind of cool though we justmurdered this horse real quick because
why notanimals equal sin so we have to get rid
of all the sins in the world by killingall the animals
oh what's over here yo what's up boyshow you doing boys let me just steal
real quick from youryour nice community yo
singing challenge yeah yeah if i win itake your society
i i don't regret any decisions i've evermade we just found
everything we ever needed this isactually kind of cool
easy victory royale that moment when youwalk
in and you see your child beingkidnapped
victory royale am i right boysdon't worry i'm good at this game don't
worry yo what was that movewhat was that movie look like a banshee
from freaking halowhat was that dude that that that
maneuver was insanewhoa dude this is some matrix shit right
hereoh there's more dude okay okay okay okay
okay all right all right all right i'mgoing i'm going i'm going i'm oh oh my
godi'm still screwed dude i'm so screwed
i'm actually still screaming oh my godno no no no no no no no dude these bees
are literally on crackholy there's more why is there so many
beesjesus why you why you bullying me
i deserve that okay you know we gotta gooh
yeah i think the golem is very angry atus because i killed like 15 of their
civiliansi don't think society's welcoming me
here i don't really know the reasonoh my godoh my god there's so there's so many
beesthere's so many bees
oh what is it jesus broit's freaking jesus he's he's coming
backhe's coming back i can't sprint
my brain actually hurts like i'm gettingan aneurysm right now
this is this is so bad i am so dead i amso dead
i am so deadoh my god oh wait no i gotta make that
sound more realisticlook at this nether portal that's
conveniently placed hereno way yo this is cool let's go boys
we are on the way to completing thislet's go
oh my god i'm going to die oh my god i'mgoing to die
yo they're jumping him yo yoyo oh my god dude
holy leave this one oh my god leave himalone
what did he do to you oh my godcome back here little boy back your free
paws pack your puti can't see that because i'm gonna get
cancelled let's golet's go yes let's go
poggers dude i victory royale ii committed animal abuse i think the
fuck not oh my god i'm getting thesecriticals
i'm getting the crits i'm getting thecrits let's go boys i got the crits
white sheep be like you got beef bro i'dbe like
yeah bro you took myapplesauce bro you got cheese like me
the fuck you say to meyou know what's funny i just realized
how much i've not got done in this videoi haven't even mined coal yet i am so
mega dumb dude oh you're spitting whitethings at me
oh my god that's not the first time weare out oh black sheep
i can't hit you brother that's notfamily friendly
only one manonly one man could make the yi jump and
this manwas called the fucking dumbass
ye oh


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