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Millennium Soldier: Expendable (level 1-11) (Dreamcast)

Millennium Soldier: Expendable (goes under the title Expendable in the USA and Seitai Heiki Expendable in Japan) was originally developed for Windows back in 1998, but was ported to Dreamcast in 1999 and later to PlayStation in 2000.
Millennium soldier: Expendable actually got a second life when it was remade for Android in 2012 as Expendable: Rearmed. Unfortunately, at the time of writing, we can’t find it in the Android Google Play.

The game itself is as basic as a Run And Gun game can be. During 20 missions you run around and shoot (almost) everything that moves. You pick up different types of weapons, picking up multiple weapons of the same type just gives you more ammo, and the more ammo you got, the more powerful that weapon is. The power up system isn’t more complicated than that!
But keep in mind that Millennium Soldier: Expendable limits you to only carry three different weapons at a time.
Also the controls are very basic. Today’s dual stick gamepads would fit this game better, but the control scheme with the solo stick work well, where you can strife with the L or R button.
Millennium Soldier: Expendable also offers the option of having two players on screen at once.

Millennium Soldier: Expendable was produced by Peter Johnson, one of the founders of Rage Software and together with licenced games based on the “Rocky” movies, Millennium Soldier: Expendable was one of their bigger hits. Peter left Rage Software in 2003 and started Venom Games that soon became a part of the Take 2 Interactive group and their 2K Games label.

The other main person behind the development of Millennium Soldier: Expendable was Alan Webb, who later worked on titles like MotorStorm: Apocalypse, Battlefield 2: Modern Combat and the nice racer Juiced 2.

The music is composed by Gordon Hall, who also worked on Driver: San Fransisco and Prey.

All in all it’s a fun game and if you fancy Run And Gun games you should really try it out. If you don’t want to play it on a Dreamcast, it is available on for a very fair price.

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Millennium Soldier: Expendable (Video Game),Dreamcast (Video Game Platform)

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