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[MapleStory] Complete Reboot Equipment Guide 2019

00:00 Introduction
03:14 Flames Overview
08:31 Earlygame
09:44 Zakum Accessories
10:01 Necromancer Set
10:25 Horntail Accessories / Codex
10:48 Pensalir Set
11:25 Earlygame Strategy
14:01 Midgame
15:23 Solid / Reinforced Gollux Set
15:58 Gollux Rings
17:17 Commerci Accessories
17:49 Chaos Root Abyss
18:21 Pink Bean Pocket Cup
19:06 Magnus Set
20:18 Cygnus Shields (Certain Warriors and Mages, Shadower)
21:11 Midgame Strategy
23:34 Lategame / Medal / Drop Gear
24:23 Drop / Meso Gear Candidates
25:20 Hearts
26:15 Badges
27:10 Totems
28:32 Superior Gollux Set
29:30 Meister Ring Crafting
31:09 Absolab Coins / Blockbusters
33:00 Absolab Shops
33:16 Absolab Set Order
35:00 Lategame Strategy
38:03 Former Tyrant Meta
40:32 Endgame / BiS Equips
40:56 Titles
42:55 Meister / Superior Gollux Ring
43:39 Sweetwater Earrings / Transpose Options
45:22 Sweetwater Monocle / Papulatus Mark
45:49 Kanna Treasure / Solid / Reinforced Ring
47:03 Dark Boss Set
50:22 Princess No
51:30 Event Emblems
52:24 Arcane Coins
53:08 Arcane Shops
53:36 Arcane Set Ordering
56:00 Endgame Strategy
59:52 Genesis Weapon
01:00:56 Special Cases
01:01:25 Demon Avenger
01:02:58 Xenon
01:04:08 Kanna
01:05:54 Dual Blade
01:06:43 Conclusion

Finally updated! I implemented all the feedback from the last video, so this video should be a solid standalone guide for a long time. For any minor updates, I will update the pinned comment.

If you found this helpful, please make sure to like and share! I don’t want anyone to be confused about progression from now on! 😀

If you have any suggestions for more long guide videos, let me know! Next major project will likely be a training guide for GMS specifically, taking Kishin and new spawn meta into account.

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Music Used:

Special thanks to my fellow content creators for their footage!


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Video transcription:



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