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Making of – Chess in 40,000 Dominoes!

Making of – Chess in 40,000 Dominoes!

Lily (Hevesh5) & Tobias (midobo) tell you how we built this huge project using strings, mousetraps & lots of black & white dominoes 🙂

This is the biggest single project we uploaded so far: 40,000 dominoes in a HUGE 3D chess domino project!

We decided building 7 giant 3D structures of this popular board game and building a whole chess board out of dominoes!

This project took 12 builders 150 hours in total to build. If you like the project make sure to give a thumbs up & if you wanna see more of our work make sure to subscribe!

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We realize professional domino projects as known from the former TV show “Domino Day”. Our YouTube channel contains more than 100 exciting videos for your entertainment. In the last couple of years we have been awarded over 10 official Guinness World Records titles. Make sure to subscribe for further domino action, we’ll appreciate it 😉

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Video transcription:

The difficult part is that we have to set up the mousetraps while we are buildingBecause otherwise we couldn't go into the chess fieldSo we have to be careful that we don't knock down everything before the project is finishedNOOOOOO – HOLY s***I planned this with a 3D modeling program where you can draw each dominoAnd 'copy' them so that you can design your own 3D projectsSo you can plan your own 3D projects & also other things – So not only 3D, also 2DPlanning the excact position of evey single domino & meassuring every detail which helps you a lot


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