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MAHJONG MYSTERY Escape The Spooky Mansion | Free Mobile Game Android / Ios Gameplay Youtube YT Video

You can download and play this Board game Mahjong Mystery: Escape The Spooky Mansion by Beautiful Free Mahjong Games by Difference Games Board for free on the Android Google Play Games Store here: and on the Ios / Iphone / Ipad / Apple Itunes App Store here:

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Below you can find some information about this game from the games google play store description:
Over 300,000 people love playing Mahjong Quest! We hope you will feel the same!

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Enjoy A relaxing mahjong game
Our standard and expert levels are designed in ways that guarantee they will always be solvable. Hints are always available if you need a helping hand.

Collect and craft treasures
When you match crafting component tiles, you will collect the items. At the end of each level, you can open 1-3 to treasure chests to get even more materials. Combine the crafting items into a treasure which you can sell for 100,000s of gold coins!

Our Mahjong Game Features
-Easy to play mahjong mechanic and hint system
-520 levels (260 normal and 260 expert)
-260 beautiful pieces of artwork which can be downloaded
-1040 Bonus levels
-Rescues and upgrade a cute companion creature!
-Daily rewards
-Every level uses different tile sets
-Replay for high scores
-Earn coins and unlock more boards
-Become the mahjong master

Dungeon Level
Every land has a dark boss dungeon level to complete! It’s dark in the dungeon but you will earn HUGE coins for completing it!

1040 Bonus Levels
Open the Blue spheres for 260 Bonus levels with tricky emoji tile faces!
Open the Red spheres for 260 Bonus Expert levels with emoji tile faces!
Open the Green spheres for 260 Bonus levels where you match 3 tiles at a time!
Open the Yellow spheres for 260 Bonus Expert levels where you match 4 tiles at a time!
*Every time you unlock a normal or expert level you get 2 of these bonus levels to play for free!

Rescue and upgrade Lumin!
Lumin has been trapped in the Mansion. Once freed his power will help you earn more coins. Lumin can be leveled up 4 times! And more in future updates! 🙂

Star Bonus System
Every star collected gives bonuses! Get progressively larger rewards from your globe, daily reward, wheel spins, map treasures and crafted items!

No wifi or internet access needed to play
Enjoy your Mahjong Quests everywhere you go without needing an internet connection.

Your Mahjong Journey Across 14+ Maps
*We add 2 new maps every month!

Mystery Mansion
Levels 1-20 Begin your quest revealing creepy haunted houses and mystery mansions!

Halloween House
Levels 21-40 It’s that spooky time of year again, check out what’s happening at the Halloween House!

Monster Mash
Levels 41-60 A collection of images of various monsters like trolls, nightwalkers and other creatures of all persuasion.

Grim Tales
Levels 61-80 Relive classic Halloween stories and beautiful created artworks!

Hallows Eve
Levels 81-100 Celebrate Halloween by wearing your best costumes such as witches and wizards, and go trick or treat!

Twilight Fantasy
Levels 101-120 Move into the realm of vampires! What are these ancient creatures up to in the mansion?

Pumpkin Patch
Levels 121-140 Advance to the world of Jack o-Lanterns with different types of pumpkin carvings!

Halloween Time
Levels 141-160 Continue your adventure and explore more spooky scenes but look out for spine-chilling realms and monsters!

Happy Haunts 1
Levels 161-180 Take in the haunting sceneries and bravely enjoy the beautiful yet creepy artworks!

Happy Haunts 2
Levels 181-200 A sequel to give you more haunting experience, more goose-bumps down to your spine!

Trick or Treat
Levels 201-220 Now it’s the time for Halloween costume for kids! Make a choice… trick or a treat?!

Scared Sweet
Levels 221-240 It’s time to be scared sweet and observe all different Halloween things!

Mystic Moonlight
Levels 241-260 Look at the beautiful scenes illuminated by the light of the moon!

Spooky Travels
Levels 261-280 travel through spooky haunted Halloween locations!

And many more, rapidly approaching 400 levels!

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