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Kids Learn How Milk is Made – Milk Factory Fun Educational Games For Babies, Toddles & Children

Kids Learn How Milk is Made – Milk Factory Fun Educational Games For Babies, Toddles & Children


Congratulations little fellows you have got a chance to be a veterinary doctor, a farmer , a transporter and factory worker in our crazy milk factory farm simulator game.
Milk is an amazing natural food with full of natural healthy ingredients & minerals, it is used in various forms and products. For some it’s part of their breakfast, lunch or dinner as it offers a great deal of energy. Girls and boys until now you might have baked or cooked food in the kitchen but here in this milk making game you will have the opportunity to go through the whole process making milk from farm to factory and factory to supermarkets,you will be involved in milk purification, cream, butter extractions by operating various machines available in milk plant.
All set let’s begin the adventure of factory mania.

Cows Spa & Checkup

Go the village farm select a healthy cow for milking, wash & clean the messy cow to make it ready for the checkup, as a veterinary doctor use the doctor tools to make sure the cow enjoys good health before milking it.
Milking the Cow & Transporting to Milk Factory

A special kind of equipment is given to extract the cows milk and pour it into the big cans, after filling up the cans put them on the farm tractor, driver will take all the cans towards the milk factory for further processing.

Boiling Unit

Pour the milk into the boiler for purification, boiler will boil the milk at high temperature and will kill all the germs and bacteria while keeping the nutritions intact.

Extraction & Separation Unit

After purification the pure and fresh milk will be sent to the extraction unit by using the valve after the delivery the machine will start extracting butter, yogurt and cream out of the milk as a star chef checkout the quality of product.

Packaging & Warehouse management

Milk, butter,yogurt and cream will be packed in the safety packages for longterm freshness, and packed items will be placed into the cartons. As a factory worker you will be transporting those packages from assembly line to the warehouse of the plant.

Transportation of Production

Load the cartons into the tractor so that drivers could deliver the delicious products to bakery, hotels, restaurants, supermarkets and shops.

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