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Ikari warriors (Arcade) – Complete game walkthrough

Legendary commando type shooter completed with one coin. TAS used this time.

If you would like to see real one coin, no TAS video, then check this link

Your success in this game depends on pure luck as much as your playing skills. Enemies are often spawned randomly and they follow you everywhere. When you kill them, a new wave of them comes. Later in game almost all enemies are kamikaze and they explode when they are close to you. Tanks are also spawned randomly to some point. Thanks explode when they spend fuel(?!?).You lose all your weapon power-ups when you die so losing one life often mean that game is over for you. And all that happens at easy mode which is default one. Try play it on hardest if you dare.

Game starts to be hard when you came to water parts. In water you move slowly, floating mines follow you, enemies dive so you cannot shoot or bomb them and finally, if they don’t kill you with bombs or bullets – they explode when close to you.

Still, game is nice and fun to play and two sequels followed it.

– UnHuman –

Video transcription:


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