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How to Play Sudoku for Absolute Beginners

This video introduces the game of Sudoku to the newbie. Watch, learn, and then give it a try! After watching the video, if you want a good reference book for beginners, check out this book at Amazon:
And here is an excellent book of puzzles for beginners on Amazon:
Check out all the other great Sudoku books on Amazon, and also make sure to visit the New York Times Puzzle page (its free)….and most of all, have fun!!!

If you have never played the game and want to know how, this is the tutorial to watch. Once you understand the basic structure of the puzzle, and the simple rules of the game, then you are ready to try your hand at beginner level “easy” puzzles. Watch my follow along episodes where I take you through the step by step method of solving a puzzle. There is no math involved in Sudoku, only logical reasoning. Playing Sudoku is a great way to keep your mind sharp and your reasoning skills honed.
For more easy level videos, please watch my Follow Along Episodes with the New York Times puzzle section:
Follow Along Episode 01 is at:
Follow Along Episode 02 is at:
Follow Along Episode 03 is at:
Follow Along Episode 04 is at:
Follow Along Episode 05 is at:

Video transcription:


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