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How to Deal Poker – The Poker Pitch – Situations – Lesson 4 of 38

Learn the situations that come up during the pitch and what a poker dealer needs to pay attention to. Below are the situations discussed in the video.

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Some of the info this covers includes:

Verify that the correct cards are secured by the correct players and stop the pitch and correct any confusion if that is what it takes.

If your pitch lands short of the player, slide the card the rest of the way to the player.

Avoid helicoptering the cards. Instead, keep your pitch down to help prevent it from being exposed.

Pitch around obstacles instead of over them, especially when dealing around the 1 and the 10 seats.

Never pitch from behind the rail.

When you get a boxed card, a card that was face-up in the deck, call a supervisor.

If a card flashes or exposes during the pitch, it is an exposed card. Leave that card face-up in front of that player, pitch out the rest of the cards, and then switch the exposed card with the burn card. If first card to a blind is exposed, or if two cards are exposed during the pitch, then that is a misdeal. A card off the table during the pitch is also an exposed card.

The poker dealer is the referee of the table. Poker dealers must have high integrity and make sure that what happens at the table is what was supposed to happen at the poker table by enforcing the rules

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