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How casino comping works and how URComped Helps – Live Stream With CEO Craig Shacklett

The best way to think about comping is like credit when you are financing a car or house, or nowadays your iphone..
When you are first starting out in life making money, you have never borrowed money and haven’t proven that you are able to pay something back, so you can’t get a loan for anything substantial.. Then you buy something on a credit card and pay it back and you start to establish credit and you grow from there..
But imagine a bizarro world where information about your creditworthiness is not shared. Let’s say you buy a Toyota and you get a loan at a ridiculously high interest rate because Toyota has no way to tell if you are going to pay it back or not.. Well you do pay it off and some years go by and now it’s time for a new car. You have now proven yourself as credit worthy to Toyota and you can get another loan from them at a very low interest rate. You are a little tired of driving Toyota and have your eyes on a Chrysler, but if you buy a Chrysler, you will have to start over with a super high interest rate loan to prove yourself. Or you can buy another Toyota at a low interest rate.
So Toyota has a huge advantage when you are evaluating purchasing that next car because they have information about you that allows them to make you a much more appealing offer. Information that their competitors do not have. So they are much more likely to win your repeat business.
Now that bizarro world of information not being shared between businesses is exactly how the casino industry works. Because Comps are essentially a LOAN the casino gives a player that will be paid back with play in the casino. The free room, limo pickup, show tickets, and even the personal attention from a host all have a cost and the casino has to feel confident that you will pay back that cost with your play in the casino.

So the very first time you visit a particular casino, they have no clue who you are and so you receive nothing aside from some little new card sign up bonus. Your play on that first trip establishes your “credit worthiness” with the casino. And the key metric the casino uses for a player’s daily value is Average Daily Theoretical or ADT.
How is ADT calculated? ADT looks at the house edge on the game you play, the speed of the game, your average bet, and how long you play for.
So for example, let’s say the house edge on a particular game of blackjack is 2% and you are betting $100 per hand, every hand you play, the house is “theoretically” winning $2. If there are 60 hands per hour, then every hour, the house is theoretically winning $120 ($2 win per hand x 60 hands per hour). If you play for 4 hours, the house’s theoretical win would be $480. You may have won or lost $5000, but the “theoretical” value was $480.
So if your trip was only one day, your Average Daily Theoretical is now $480 and you will receive future offers from the casino based on that value. The casino will now “loan” you comps with the expectation that you will pay back $480 per day in theoretical.

Now that you are in the casino’s database with a value attached, you will start receiving mailers based on your value.. What happens is the casino will create a giant spreadsheet with different ADT segments.. 0-49, 50-100, 100-200, 200-400, 400-600, etc what they want to offer different values of people. For 0-49 they may get $5 off buffet coupon.. The higher the value of the segment, the better the offer.. Higher value segments get free rooms and progressively bigger amounts of free play and other perks. So the casinos run these reports on a regular basis and when ready they send the offer file to the mail house and an email server and their online portal if they have one and any other communication channels they may have to get the offer in front of the players and drive the player to book a trip.

So that’s essentially how COMPs work with casinos and how they decide what offers you receive.. But when you want to go somewhere new.. You have to START over because the new casino doesn’t know who you are because casinos don’t share play data with other casinos.

That’s where URComped comes in. Instead of starting over and proving yourself again and again with every new casino you visit, you can now go to and qualify yourself within five minutes by uploading the offers you have from the casinos you already play at.

URComped analyzes your offers and player profile and unlocks new comps for you at our growing network of casinos and cruise lines around the world. URComped is totally free to players because the casinos pay us for bringing them new players.

There is absolutely zero reason for a player not to sign up on URComped – it’s fast, easy and free and unlocks a whole world of new comp offers and VIP experiences.

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