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Hiding Spots & Glitches on Nuketown ’84! (Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War)

Hiding Spots and Glitches on Nuketown ’84!
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DESCRIPTION: Welcome to a hiding spots and glitches video for Nuketown ’84 in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War! This video features glitches, hiding spots, easter eggs, cross map M79 spots, cross map tomahawk spots, and much more! I figured it’d be great to do a map tutorial for Nuketown 84 since there’s so much to cover on this map and tons of people will probably be playing Nuketown 24/7 most of the year lol

So, what do YOU think about the Hiding Spots and Glitches on Nuketown 84? Should I make more map tutorials? Leave a comment letting me know! ^-^

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Outro Song: Rising Tide – Jack Wall (Black Ops Cold War Main Menu Theme feat. Erik & DJ Vonderhaar)

Thanks for watching!

Erik – M3RKMUS1C

Video transcription:

what's up guys this is M3RKMUS1C and welcome 
to hiding spots and glitches on nuketown 84 in  black ops cold war this video is essentially a 
huge map tutorial for nuketown 84. it's going to  have hiding spots and glitches but it's also 
going to have easter eggs it's also going to  have cross map spots so stick around and watch 
this entire video because there's going to be  some insane stuff we're going to start things 
off here with the nuketown 84 mannequin easter  egg i'm sure you guys might already know this 
one by now but basically all you have to do  is shoot all the mannequin heads off of the 
mannequins in nuketown 84 in under two minutes  and once you finally shoot all of them off you'll 
get this retro synth easter egg it's really cool  it changes the song obviously completely changes 
the visuals it's very cool and if you're having  difficulty pulling this off on your own you can 
get some friends in here so you can complete the  easter egg as well but honestly you can do it 
solo in under two minutes as long as you have  a decent gun i would recommend the bullfrog with 
85 rounds because it's pretty mobile and you have  tons of ammo to use but what good is the hiding 
spots in glitch video without some glitches we're  going to be showing you guys the rcxd player 
collision glitch this is a very unique one i  don't know if i've seen anything like this 
in a call of duty game before but basically  you need a friend on your team to have an rcxd 
and basically they run it into you and you jump  at the same time and it causes this very weird 
rcxd player collision glitch that allows you to  get into some pretty weird spots and you can do 
this basically anywhere on the map you just have  to kind of experiment i was able to get into a 
shed using this glitch was which was really weird  what the what is this and once i got into this 
shed i wanted to test to see if you could actually  shoot enemies through the shed it looks like 
for the most part you're pretty much blocked off  there's some spots that you can shoot through 
but it's going to do minimal damage however  you are still exposed so people can actually shoot 
you pretty easily and you will die oh that was  easy and this next spot is absolutely ridiculous 
if you go into this corner with a little flower  painting on the wall you can actually use the rcxd 
to push your teammate through the wall you'll see  it in a bit it's absolutely insane now as always 
when it comes to glitches like this i do not  recommend doing it online i would not try to abuse 
these exploits or these glitches to try to get  kills because you could get banned and i really do 
hope that treyarch patches these glitches because  ultimately if you see someone doing this online 
that's not gonna end well but for the sake of this  video i wanted to show you guys these glitches 
so that way you know exactly what you're going  to be up against when you go online especially 
this one because you can just run right outside  of the map currently and you just get right past 
the restricted area you just have to go behind  the chair you can actually go a little bit further 
back behind the cacti and you'll still stay alive  just make sure that you are running at 
full sprint the entire time otherwisei go to the right spot you have to get behind 
this little like chair this is my favorite camping  keeper and on top of that there are still glitches 
on nuketown if you can believe it for some reason  if you have auto mantellon and you happen to jump 
near this bus you can actually just get on top of  it you're not really supposed to get on top of it 
at all this is completely unintentional however  you can still do it you can get a pretty nice 
line of sight if you manage to stay on there just  be careful where you move because you will slip 
off eventually but now we're gonna be moving on  to some generally useful spots for newtown 84. you 
can either use these yourselves or you can just be  made aware of them so that way you can counter 
these people online this railing spot has been  pretty popular in previous iterations of newtown 
and you can still do it in nuketown 84. there's  a jump up spot over here which provides a pretty 
nice line of sight into the spawn over there so  you can use that if you would like to this spot 
over here with the car is actually extremely  annoying especially in hardcore be on the lookout 
for this try to kill them with a frag and try to  blow up the car if you can or just do whatever 
you can to try to flank them because that spot  is extremely annoying as per usual with nuketown 
you can still climb up on the sides and be able  to access the second stories from the outside 
of the buildings which is very useful you can  still jump on top of the nuketown sign as well you 
can maybe try to hit a trick shot off of that if  you would like to i'm not exactly sure if you can 
ladder stall on the ladders in this game but again  you can still use these jump ups to be able to 
get some nice lines of sights maybe you can go for  trick shots or just get some access to the second 
story now i wanted to showcase this spot in the  back of the yellow building on nuketown because 
this poll blocks you from being able to jump over  and shoot over the roof of the building this is 
something that you were able to do in previous  iterations of nuketown and it is pretty difficult 
on nuketown 84 but if you do a crouch jump  you can actually still trick shot there if you 
want to try to pull it off this next spot's a  little random you could pull this off in the black 
ops 2 version of nuketown you could actually kind  of get on a little glitch over there but i just 
wanted to show that that might have been patched  and as you can see here the chimney has returned 
in newtown 84 however i couldn't find the top part  of the chimney so i tried throwing a frag because 
in previous versions you could throw the frag into  the top part of the chimney and blow people up on 
the inside but instead i just blew myself up that  would be a failure as santa again i just wanted 
to showcase the mantle glitch here while i'm going  through the map you can use it to hit trick shots 
if you want to unless of course it's patched by  now and once again the bunk beds have returned 
to newtown 84 you can still jump on top of them  and camp here if you want to or try to hit a 
shot through there however your visibility is  pretty low so you're not gonna have a very easy 
time trying to shoot someone from the bunk beds  and as usual with nuketown a lot of people like to 
camp behind the jeep just know that if it hasn't  blown up already you can blow it up to take out 
the campers and back over here on the map by the  sandbags there's a nice little jump up that you 
can look at it might be useful in hardcore however  you can't mantel the sandbags but there will be 
people camping here so just be on the lookout for  that just give me a second i need to get this 
thumper quad oh if only i could do that online  but anyway we have an rcxd and as usual for 
nuketown we have the rcxd path if you're  going to drive an rcxd through here i would wait 
until you hit the ramp to actually use the boost  it will be a very easy way to be able to get 
it across and into the enemy spawn which could  maybe get you a couple of kills here there just 
please get the timing right for the speed boost  on the rc-xd otherwise you're gonna be me on my 
second try and fail another cool little easter  egg that was spotted by karina is the mountain 
dew cans on the map now these are actually the  exact same mountain dew cans from the 80s so props 
to treyarch for historical accuracy gold star for  vonderhaar and last but not least i've got some 
very helpful cross map spots that you can use when  you're playing domination on nuketown 84. if you 
stand here in this corner you can look straight up  to the b flag and your shot will eventually just 
hit smack in the middle and kill whoever's there  again i just wanted to show you guys the spot it's 
very easy just wedge yourself up in the corner  look straight up to b and the shot will hit and 
kill whoever is on b flag and if the car there  hasn't blown up already it will blow up and it 
will kill even more people and if you don't want  to use the china lake to get a cross map you can 
still use a tomahawk if you line yourself up here  with the painting of a stick figure on the fence 
and you look straight up to be you will kill  people who i would say are still pretty center on 
b now that's a little tricky because not everyone  goes directly on the center of the flag to cap 
it i just wanted to show on a kill cam though  exactly how it works because sometimes it'll 
bounce and you can get a ricochet sometimes it'll  hit people straight up it just depends that was a 
direct hit by the way now this next cross map m79  shot is going to be from c flag to b this one is 
so easy just wedge yourself up in the corner look  straight up and you can actually just walk to the 
flag and you can watch the shot hit someone i mean  it's crazy wow first try it's so easy and for our 
last consistent and viable cross map shot this is  going to be from c flag to a flag again just put 
yourself in this corner look straight up and it  will hit whoever's at a and if you're wondering 
why there's no cross map spots to see flag it's  because of the way the flag is positioned it's too 
close to the building so if you try to do cross  map spots to there it ends up just failing but 
that's gonna do it for this video thank you guys  very much for watching i hope you guys enjoyed 
the hiding spots and glitches on nuketown 84.  if you guys did enjoy this video and you want 
to see some more videos like this one make sure  to drop a like and i'll see you guys later i 
don't need it i don't need it i don't need todieah


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