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Heroes Strike Gameplay Walkthrough Part 10

Heroes Strike Gameplay Walkthrough Part 10

3v3 MOBA game – A free to play game in the spirit of true Esports!

A chance PvP system with a great blend of fun and strategy:
– Claim to weaken champion skill – improve your strategy and action
– 4 short matches – ideal for playing on the way to a place
– Large pool of champions, attacks and abilities (rage)
– Lots of skill options like attack, defense, stun, support …

Main Gameplay:
– Collect stars to collect more stars from the stars of the raki
The war will get even hotter when the Super star everyone desires comes out. The score of the team with the superstar is multiplied by 1.5.

Designed for free!
– You start off with 3 tight champions and 5 different abilities from the last class
– Plenty of prizes, easy progress
– All items are freely accessible

As a player who loves MOBA, you will love this game
– easy to play and play but depends on “learning”
– Easy controls for comfortable playing experience
– Balanced champions and abilities
– Constantly new content (new champions, skins, abilities, courses, mods, etc …)
– No Lag: We have servers worldwide!
– Anytime events, plus a chance to win awesome items.
– Thought Guild system: 7 different roles, guild additions and rewards, Guild wars … Because the game is better when playing with friends!

War shouts your name!
Think of your tactics, fight alongside your friends and rise through the ranks!
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