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Gotcha Force Game Sample – GameCube

Original Air Dates: November 14th, 2008 / Jun 4th, 2010 (Revised Today!)

This is the third (and perhaps final) time we’re revising a video for this game, and we don’t do that for many games… Capcom should get the hint that people want a sequel to this great game. Gotcha Force is a cult classic game that recieved relatively mediocre scores from magazine publications and major review sites, but retains incredibly high marks among fans and casual reviewers. While the game has a fairly generic story with simply hilarious and at times laughably bad dialogue, relatively simple graphics, and confusing camera angles during close quarters combat (alleviated somewhat by auto-locking at close range), the concept in and of itself is a testament to how amazing the game is and with proper advertising, could’ve become another franchise Capcom could milk to no end. It could even be their “Pokemon”. If you think it’s a lot like the “Gundam Vs.” series, that’s because it has the same lead designer.

In the game, you can assemble a great toy army of over 200 characters with their own abilities and unique characteristics to fight with on a variety of stages that really make you feel like you’re playing with toys as buckets and soda cans tower over your characters. You can train your favorites to boost their parameters and they have different rarities and special versions of borgs as well. The game’s framerate slows down considerably in multiplayer matches, but is still loads of fun and good to play on the Wii through component cables on an HD TV, and the character pairs and strategies are immense. The game has a pretty enjoyable soundtrack.

Funny how since you can play this on the Wii, it’s also one of the best games for “it” too. It’s a damn shame that there’s no GF2, as this was easily one of the most out-right enjoyable games released for GameCube. Well, if we leave it to Capcom, we might hear something by 2023.

This video has been revised at much higher quality and merges the opening with the gameplay. We play one stage with a preset “Gaming Sanctuary” unit for the video and the first stage of Story Mode, but unfortunately you won’t see anyone other than G-Red because I’m pretty decent at the game. G-Red’s only weakness is that he talks, lol. Enjoy.

Video transcription:



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