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Gormiti | Episode 52 | The Dark Fortress – Part Three

Without the Elestar, the Heralds will not be able to stop Voidus’ Fortress of Darkness. But a Gormiti never gives up!

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About Gormiti
A long time ago, the island-world of Gorm was threatened by an enemy willing to eradicate life: the Darkans. The Eternal Knights of Nature, the Gormiti, guided by their powerful Lords, united their strengths to fight the menace. Oceans were leveled, earthquakes ravaged the land… But the Gormiti won! Nowadays, this battle is considered a legend by most. The only proof that something happened is the One Tower, the ancient fortress of the Gormiti.

When four young kids stumble upon the One Tower: the Darkans are back! So, the kids need to learn how to become heralds, thanks to Ao-Ki, the girl who trains the new heroes to save their world. They must master their powers, summon the Gormiti and unleash the Eternal Knights of nature to save the world! Gormiti is a series about team work, friendship, achieving goals and having fun.

Gormiti © 2019 Giochi Preziosi S.p.A., Planeta Junior & Kotoc. All Rights Reserved.

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