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Gold Fishin’ Jackpot! – Arcade Ticket Game

Who doesn’t like to try to win gold fish at the carnival? Everyone loves trying to toss those ping pong balls and hoping they land in a fishbowl. This is the same game except you win tickets instead of flopping fish. Crystal and I try our luck to see if we can score the jackpot. Who do you think will get the jackpot?

How Gold Fishin’ works:
The goal in Gold Fishin’ is to get as many balls into the fishbowls as possible. If you are able to beat the current high score, you will score the jackpot.

For each credit entered, you get 12 balls to toss into the fishbowl playing area. There are 4 different color values, pink(100 points), yellow(200 points), blue(300 points), and white(500 points). The higher your score is after tossing all the balls, the more tickets you will win at the end. If you are lucky enough to beat the current bonus score, you will win the jackpot bonus!

Good luck at gold fishin’!

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