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“Game Over Yeah!” Arcade Edition #1

Hello there ladies and gentlemen! Razzle Joestar bringing you another “Game Over, Yeah!” Collection, this time of some good ol’ arcade games.

If you’re not familiar with the sound clip, let me explain: In one of Sega’s old racing games, Sega Rally, the Game Over screen had a rather cheery fellow who would sing “Game Over, Yeah!”, which was…kinda odd. You just lost, why is he so happy?

Years ago I actually found some “Game Over, Yeah!” parody videos where people would take real life mishaps, or various game over screens, and at the right moment cue the “Game Over, Yeah!” sound effect. I myself did it a while back with Scott’s Five Nights At Freddy’s series – though at the time FNAF 4 wasn’t out, so it kinda got left out of the loop, unfortunately.

So, now I’m attempting to bring back this ol’ hilarious sound clip. Will I do more arcade “Game Overs”? Maybe. Other series? We’ll see. People seemed to get a right chuckle out of the FNAF one, so we’ll see how this one does!

Games featured, in order:
The Ninja Kids
The King of Monsters
Super Vehicle-001: Metal Slug
The King of Monsters 2

The Game Over, Yeah songs are, in order:

Sega Rally Championship 2
Sega Rally Championship, Game Boy Advance
Sega Rally Championship
Sega Rally Championship 2, Sega Saturn
Sega Rally Championship 2

“Game Over, Yeah!” FNAF Edition:

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Video transcription:

The Ninja Kids released originally in 1984, developed by UPN and published by Taito.The game had players take control of four ninja-teens, each mastering one of four elements and also having their own ninja-weapons.Their opponent? THE SATAN.This game would later appear in 2006's Taito Legends 2Source: Sega Rally Championship 2 (1998)The ever classic Galaga, released in 1981 by NamcoPlayers take the role of a daring space fighter trying to blast evil space alien bugs.Tractor beam!!Fighters can be captured by the enemy, then released for extra firepower…but not if it's your last fighter!Source: Sega Rally Champion Edition GBA (2002)King of the Monsters first stomped onto the arcades courtesy of SNK in 1991.Players select their choice of giant monster (kaiju) and then wrestle with other monsters for domination.Humans also attempt to attack you, but those are easy to swat away. You could also destroy the city in your battles!The selectable monsters are: Geon, a Godzilla-like guy.Woo, a giant gorilla.Poison Ghost, a giant sludge monster.Rocky, a giant Moai-like golem.Beetle Mania, a giant beetle.And finally, Astro Guy, a normal scientist turned giant warrior.Each monster of course had their own fighting styles, stats, and special powers.The game spanned 12 levels that included rematch fights and mirror matches.Source: Sega Rally Championship (1994)Believe it or not, the original "Game Over, Yeah!"Metal Slug, 1996, is yet another classic SNK arcade game.Players take on the role of either super commando Marco or his pal Tarma as they fight against evil rebel forces.Surprisingly, the game has a very detailed and complex backstory.None of which is shown in-game, in the game's demos, or even on the cabinet.Marco and Tarma's battles take them across six action packed levels full of with nonstop action.While the game is notoriously hard, it's also great fun. Blowing up giant bosses and enemy soldiers never gets old….where is this guy storing all those bombs…???Source: Sega Rally Championship, Sega Saturn (1995)King of the Monsters 2: The Next Thing, SNK, 1992.Three of the monsters from the first game return to do battle with evil aliens across the globe.Since the trio were teaming up this meant co-op monster-bashing action!Traditional life bars are now used, and monsters could enter a "powered up" state with certain pick-ups.And yes, you can still flatten entire cities in your battles!I think you know this one!Thank you for watching!


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