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Empire Of Sin Gameplay And Impressions | Empire Of Sin Is XCOM meets The Untouchables

Empire Of Sin puts you in the shoes of a selection of both real and fictionalised cheeky criminal mafia mobster pals and tasks you with building up your crime empire in intricate detail, and to retain control of that empire with tactical turn-based combat that is like XCOM meets The Untouchables. Alice Bell gives us her impressions with some Empire of Sin gameplay.

Romero Games are responsible for Empire of Sin, the studio headed by games industry veterans Brenda Romero and John Romero. In this Empire Of Sin impressions video, Alice B spills the beans on the mafia game and all to be expected when it releases in Spring of 2020, published by Paradox Interactive. There’s some Empire Of Sin gameplay here too, so you can also see what we’re talking about.

In this Empire Of Sin preview, Alice B talks to Astrid about some of the different mobsters that you can play, including some of Brenda and John Romero’s grandparents. She also goes through how, even early on in the current Empire Of Sin 2019 build, there’s plenty of intricate ways you can impact the in-game world and the characters in it, like potentially driving your goons into becoming serial killers. The Empire of Sin story is truly shaped by your own decisions, for better or worse. If you like gangster games or strategy games, there’s something for you here.

This is an Empire Of Sin PC impressions video, but there’s nothing in it that won’t also be relevant to the game on other platforms. We quite like the idea of Empire of Sin Switch – all those tiny gangsters! As well as the gameplay demo, Alice B and Astrid also briefly touch on some bits that showed up in the Empire Of Sin trailer, the gameplay trailer and also the announcement one. If you are interested in Empire of Sin combat system, this should tick that box.

If you enjoyed this Empire of Sin preview and Alice B’s presence within it, you can check out the other two-way that she and Astrid did discussing the upcoming John Wick Hex from esteemed indie developer boy Mike Bithell here: and if you care about what Astrid thinks about video games generally, why not check out her review of GreedFall here: and subscribe to Rock Paper Shotgun because otherwise you’ll be arrested for YouTube crimes. It also means you won’t miss our Empire of Sin review when we get round to that.

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