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Elephant Game Wild West | Walkthrough All 3 Stars Puzzle (Android Gameplay) | Cute Little Games

Elephant Game Wild West | Walkthrough All 3 Stars (Android Gameplay) | Cute Little Games

Snoring: Elephant game is an ABSOLUTELY FREE physics puzzle for cool math games lovers. If you like logical puzzles and brain games with addictive and simple gameplay download Elephant game and join the wonderful animal adventure!

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About the Game:

Travel through Jungle, Wild West, Tropical Island, Vikings’ Land, solve every puzzle to stop the loud elephant’s snoring in this cool physics-based puzzle for kids and adults!

FEATURES of the animal puzzle Snoring. Elephant game:
– ABSOLUTELY FREE physics puzzle for kids & adults
– 110+ funny, logical and challenging puzzles in different environments
– 5 various worlds with outstanding graphics and music
– cute animals in the adorable characters
– kid’s friendly interface
– addicting gameplay for learning and playing
– localization into 13 languages.

Snoring fans from cool math games say that this logical puzzle brings many benefits for all. Kids improve their skills by learning and playing, adults relax while having fun!

STORY of the animal puzzle Snoring. Elephant game:
Have you been heard the loud elephant snore which moves the wild? Oh, cute animals are tired of that and waiting for help!
The little cuddly animals cannot fall asleep because of a loud snoring of the Elephant.
Zebra, owl, penguin and their friends exert every effort to wake up the huge sleeper and get a wink of sleep at least for a minute.

HOW TO PLAY the animal puzzle Snoring. Elephant game:
Think about your steps in advance, interact with the local fauna, use the animals’ skills, solve logical puzzles, unlock attractive new levels and help the animals to overcome the elephant’s snore.

LOCALIZATIONS of the animal puzzle Snoring. Elephant game:
Now you can play the game in 13 different languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese (China), Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Brasil), Portuguese (Portugal), Russian, Turkish, Vietnamese.

Dive with your family and friends in the incredibly funny adventure!
Help cute animals to wake up Mr. Elephant by rolling, jumping and solving all the puzzles in this animal-themed logical game puzzle for kids and adults. Play with your children, parents and friends all free exciting levels in the Jungle, Wild West, Tropical Island, Vikings’ Land to save exhausted animals from annoying Elephant’s snore.

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