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In today’s super fun vlog, Lizzy surprises Carter Sharer by taking him on an epic hot air balloon date. Carter and Lizzy are boyfriend and girlfriend and they go on a surprise date for valentine’s day. Lizzy gets carter sharer some chocolates and some other super cute presents for their valentines day celebration. They take off into the hot air balloon and have so much fun while they are in the air. They go over 6000 feet above the ground and vlog the entire trip where they laugh and have fun and kiss. Then Carter surprises Lizzy with a brunch date on a romantic hill top. Comment #Valentine if you guys loved this video ️

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Video transcription:

what is up guys welcome back to my
channel if you're new here I'm Lizzyand I have something super special
planned for Carter and Valentine's Dayso I'm so excited I'm already at
Carter's houseoh let's see if he's home while I'm
pretty sure he's home cuz uh he said hewas Carter
open up oh hey Liz hey uh hurry up putthis blindfold on let's go why mom put
it on yeah a blindfold yeah I got asuper special surprise for you today a
surprise for me wait reallyall right let me lock the door okay yeah
why do I need a blindfold um just it's asurprise that's why it's right there
where right therelike that yep okay I take my blindfold
off now take it off what yeah put itback on but Syria I don't want to wear
it for too longokay well it's okay cuz um we got a long
car ride ahead of us come on get inwatch your head
perfect guys this is gonna be so funwe're on our way to a Carter's big
surprise but we do have a pretty longcar ride ahead of us and you guys know I
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the same colored objects and since it'sa puzzle game I love trying to figure
out how I can get the most coloredobjects in one move whoa okay I just
thought the best moveguys that was such a good move I'm
telling you this is so fun yay wefinally beat this level whoa look at all
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diamonds and gold for free yeah guysthis game is super fun and super
addicting honestly I can't get enough ofit Liz where are we going oh I forgot
Carter was here um we're going somewherefun can't take my black fluff what oh
okay well okay well I'm just gonna liketake a nap or something oh my gosh hurry
quick put on your blindfold okaylike this yeah can I go back to sleep
and hell yeah we'll be there shortlybut you could sleep for like one minute
whoa whatever this surprise is I reallyhope that it's worth waking up super
early cuz I'm so tiredoh it's gonna be worth it I promise
yeah okayokay guys we're here hunters leading
Carter up helping him out and I'm soexcited I can't believe we're able to
pull this off we've been driving for along time old leg a bumpy road so I feel
like we have to be in like the middle ofnowhere somewhere Wow look at you
am i right you're so smartokay Carter we me that you ready
we made it yeah where do I step there'sa step still on right in front right
there yeah you can do it yeah there yougo yeah and then step I know where we
arewhy how do you know well I can feel the
air in it oh I can feel the air and it'sfreezing and I can smell the air and I
think that we're probably on top of amountain right now and we're gonna go
skiing oh not really what do you mean bysnowboarding no okay we can take your
blindfold off and wait runway it thiswayyeah that's the chairlift know what okay
your lifeWow guys this is so amazing was just so
thoughtful for doing this yeah I thinkwhen we're up in the air in the hot air
balloon my Valentine we're gonna beflying in a blue today that seems so
crazy so far everything's going greatI have something super special firm or
up in the air I'm gonna be so romanticLiz we're way off the ground already
look don't look down there's a hot-airballoon right behind us too which is so
cuteWow Liz this is so crazy we're already
like a hundred feet off the ground it'salready looked at us so then we can okay
so while we're out here I have a fewsurprises for you Carter well we're
already like 200 feet in the air Lizthis is crazy okay are you ready for the
surprise another surprise I don't knowif I could take any more surprises but
yeah I'll take another oneokay guys I'm super nervous but I
haven't asked Carter – my gosh commentbelow if you guys think he'll say yes
I'm like really nervous but I'm excitedbecause I feel like he can't say no
after everything I did for him like allof his planning I feel like he has to
sayyeah what's up you got me flowerswhoa what is this a giant fishy kiss I'm
not done yetyes more yeah more than this the last
one oh I got your card what this onValentine's Day you hold the key to my
heart I don't know what to say you gotme so much stuff you got me flowers and
chocolate a huge card and this hugesurprise so you have another surprise ohthat's so cute this is for me too yeah
this got me so much stuff and well Ididn't get you anything
I was blindfolded the whole time and Ididn't like I didn't come prepared you
know that's okay do you want to be myValentine though
well it's to be honest with you is I wasgonna ask you to be my bell
you were yeah so do you want to be myValentine mm really mm-hmm you say yes
okay did I say yes too yeahokay we're at 3,000 feet above the
ground and my legs are starting to getshaky I'm definitely getting nervous now
and there's no hiding it Carter I'mnervous you're nervous oh I'm a little
nervous too but you know it's okay lookat the beautiful the scenery I'm scared
to look Liz but it looks so beautifullook at that I'm scared we're 3,000 yes
that's so many feet that's a lot ofheats yeah how many feet seven your feet
would it take to get up here more than3,000 4,000 feet now let me show you
what it looks likelike okay guys we made it safely all the
way up to 6000 feet above sea level andnow basically what's left is we have to
make it down safely so I'm a little bitnervous about it all um because it's
really scary up here yeah that's trueLiz and driving one of these is kind of
like scary because there's no steeringwheel there's no brakes there's nothing
like at all it's just a balloon and soyou can't really control where it goes
so you might land like in the middle ofa field and hopefully the landing a soft
we get down safely you are I'm a littlenervous too but I think we'll get back
down safely and if when you get backdown I have a surprise for you
you did yeah this Valentine's Day hasbeen absolutely amazing Lisbon above and
beyond it did so much for me and saysabsolutely just like mind-blowing it's
so special the only thing is that sinceI was blindfolded the whole time I came
unprepared I have nothing to kind ofgive back and I feel really bad about it
so I wasn't expecting all thesesurprises and I was blindfolded so I
didn't really know what to do what toexpect so what I'm gonna do right now is
while we're flying up here on theballoon I got my phone I have something
in mind that I can organize so when weland there'll be a huge surprise for Lizso like kind of scared holding the
camera so much fun and scary it's reallycool Liz do you ever wonder how one of
these hot-air balloons like fly yeahit's just hot air right yeah but like
check this out this is really cool tosee so the pilot is actually gonna give
me the honors of flying this thing all Igotta do is pull down a little trigger
it washes hey check this outyeah that fire it looks like a jet
engine deck ship what no we're doingokay I'm gonna land in our spot well
we'll find another place to land I'll beokay
oh no Liz you're above the card oh no ohI knew I shouldn't have let you drive
maybe I should have hit the other buttoninstead Carter I think we're starting to
descend and we might land on the highwaybecause you took us to the wrong
direction well is if we do late on thehighway hopefully the cars will see us
and then they like put the brakes on andsomething led us to land Carter I'm
scaredSherman strapped in there's we're really
good clothesI'll make you calm and feel better oh
yeah all right Liz this view looksreally amazing Liz wait what Liz why are
you down therein order to brace yourself for landing
you have to grab on to these ropes andoff the spot a little bit like that well
it's like you can see inside the balloonso easily up here we're comingOh feels good to be back on land come on
Carter where's my surprise hey I gottaget on ground – okay well in order for
you to get your surprise you have to beblindfolded
you're just cocky and then we also haveto go in a car to drive you to your
surprise okay wakey-wakey we're here Iknow but don't you want your do you want
to go check out your surprise yeah comeon let's go okay let's go are you ready
to take off your blindfold okay take itoff whoa check it out we're in a
vineyard to get a Valentine's Daybreakfast and brunch when I was up in a
hot air balloon I made a phone call andI organized and made a reservation to
get brunchisn't that amazing
yeah okay one of the most romanticthings is chocolate and strawberries so
here's a strawberry that's a big onetake each one take a little bite ready
mmm that's romanticmm-hmm it's a bigger strawberry super
fresh mm-hmm you know there arestrawberries that we need our chocolate
huh yeah open your gift whoa look atthat
oh they cracked alreadyyeah probably cuz the Alpha 2 is job
that's ok because now it's easy for youto take a bite what do you think a
brunch was it amazing yeah it's perfectso it was my surprise like surprising
uh-huhreally yeah you didn't think you were
gonna go to brunch well I didn't thinkyou were gonna like whip something up
together not quick yeah I pulled ittogether like last second I'm so happy
that it worked out and your hot food itwas amazing it was so thoughtful it
really shows how much you care about meyeah thanks again two best fiends for
sponsoring this video we couldn't havedone it without them and I'll see you
guys next timevalentine's day


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