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Disney Nintendo 64 Games (Feat Toy Story 2, Tarzan, Mickeys Speedway USA, Donald Duck, DDR)

Disney games that were on the Nintendo 64. In this documentary style video we take a look at all 8 N64 games from Disney including 1 which is a Japanese exclusive release. Some of these games have genres that you wouldn’t expect including puzzle games and Tetris style games.

Donald Duck Goin Quackers Review

Magical Tetris Challenge Review

Mickeys Speedway USA Review

A Bugs Life Review

Dance Dance Revolution Disney Dancing Museum Review

Tarzan Review

Tiggers Honey Hunt Review

Toy Story 2 Review

Recorded using both an Ultra HDMI modded N64 console with an Elgato game capture HD60s capture card using a real game cartridge.

So who’s looking forward to the N64 Mini Classic console and do you think any of these games will end up on it? what do you think the top 5 or top 10 Disney games of all time are? Like me do you love classic NES Disney games like duck tales and chip n dale rescue rangers? Do you think the playstation 1 or Sega Saturn had any Disney games which you’d have liked to have been ported to the Nintendo 64?

Video transcription:


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