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Dinosaur King Arcade Game 恐竜キング – Paris VS the Alpha Fortress [Easy]

Paris X Paris, Double Super Impact! Paris is so cute, this is almost a full battle between grass dinosaurs.
Paris (パラパラ Parapara), the chibi Parasaurolophus
Element : Grass 草
Strength : 1600
Name Meaning : From her ability of dancing by following music rhythm
Owner: Zoe Drake (D-Team)
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The Chibi Dinosaurs are Chomp, Ace, Paris, Terry, Spiny & Tank from the Dinosaur King anime

Paris suggested by Super Mario Logan Fan, Rafael Francis Adrien Mojares, All Star Pterosaur & Penny Man. Thanks for waiting!

Dinosaur King – D-Team VS. the Alpha Fortress
恐竜キング DキッズVSアクト要塞
[Game by SEGA]

恐竜キング Dinosaur King Arcade Gameplay playlist

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These are my own gameplay video recorded using special emulator (demul) . I hope Dinosaur King fans will enjoy this video since this is one of our great childhood.
Special thanks to SEGA, the developer team and the ones who help me on the resources. I hope Dinosaur King will return, so we can support this game with all we have.

古代王者 恐竜キング アーケード – Game by SEGA
Dinosaur King 古代王者恐龍王
Mushiking 甲虫王者ムシキング

Video transcription:



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