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Desh Re Joya Dada Pardesh Joya Full Movie | Gujarati Movie

Super Hit Gujarati movie Desh Re Joya Dada Pardesh Joya
Starring: Hiten Kumar, Ramesh Mehta , Roma Manik, Arvind Trivedi, Rajdeep, Pinky Parikh, Sameer Rajda, Bhumika Sheth And Devendra Pandit.
Director : Govindbhai Patel

Synopsis: What would happen when a simple village girl from interior of Gujrat is whisked away from her homely atmosphere and imprisoned in a golden cage in a distant land like America? What would happen when all the ethnic values that she had been brought up with are blow apart before her eyes as she stands a helpless witness to this destruction? It is this kind of cultural shock that our heroine Radha faces after she unwillingly falls prey to the schemes of treacherous family members

‘Desh Re Joya Dada Pardesh Joya’ tells the story of Radha, the apple of the of the family and ‘Dadaji’s’ pet. Radha is engaged to be married to Ram her childhood sweetheart who also belongs to the same village. However on the day of the mirage things go wrong and the marriage is stopped, thanks to certain jealous family members. Radha instead is married off to a non-resident Indian Deepak who flies her off to America with him. But being brought up in a virtuous household with family values being adored next to god, Radha faces a heavy cultural shock. Even over a period of time, Radha is unable to mould herself to the new environment and with each day her emotional suffering keeps rising. Tormented emotionally Radha breaks down with home-sickness.

Will Radha be able to find for herself a peaceful dwelling in America or will she return back to India? Will dada be able to forgive himself for his mistake of wedding her off to America? Will Radha be able to seek the lap of her ‘dada’ and openly cry? What will happen to Ram her childhood sweetheart? Will Radha go back to Ram?

To find answers to all these questions, watch ‘Desh Re Joya Dada Pardesh Joya’. A unique story, that will stir the emotional strings of your heart. A must for every daughter, father and grandfather. A must, for every family.

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Video transcription:

Listen, I will call out
everybody's name.They must come here and pay the fees.Is that understood?Yes sir.Sit down.Yes.Hasn't Mansukh come?
I understand.- Sir. . .
– What is it?I know. You don't have
the money to pay the fees.Have I opened an orphanage?Stop studying. Your widow
mother supports you now.Why don't you look after her?Don't come to school from tomorrow.No sir. I'll pay for Ram's fees.Come home with me. Today
I want you to meet my mother.- But I'm getting late.
– You must come with me today.Come in, Radha.- Mother. . .
– You're back, son?- I've brought Radha too.
– Who is she?She paid up my fees.Or I'd have to stop studying.I'm so grateful to you.
You paid money for my son !You've obliged me forever!No, mother. You don't
need to say all this.Why are your eyes filled with tears?For the first time, somebody
has shown sympathy for my son.That's why my heart is touched.Yes, my girl?I'm really getting late.
I must take leave.- Do keep coming over.
– Yes, mother.Son, walk her to the river.- Go, my dear.
– See you, mother.What a cute girl.Come early to school tomorrow.- I'll wait for you.
– Yes, I'll be there before you.- I'll wait for you.
– See you.- Start eating children.
– Why hasn't Radha come as yet?I too worry about that.- Grandfather!
– My child !My child is back from school !- Why are you late?
– Grandpa. . – Later.First eat the meal. Grandpa and
your dear brother are waiting for you.Take God's name.Grandpa will feed you
the first morsel.- You too eat.
– Yes, go on.- You're feeding me?
– Of course.How are you, sister?What's the matter?You're feeling so unwell and
you didn't inform your brother!You didn't send me a message.Do you consider me an outsider?- But. . .
– I won't hear a word.Today I will take you
and my nephew home.Why must you live like this
when I am alive and lack nothing?- But. . .
– Not one word for my sake.Get ready. The jeep
is waiting outside.Where have Ram and his mother gone?I have no idea where they've
gone or when they will return.Will Ram never return?- When will I meet Radha?
– What thoughts are you lost in?Radha was going to bring
fruits and medicines for you.What must she have felt
on seeing the lock?You are right.I can understand what that
tender heart must have felt.We have to forget a lot
with the passage of time.After you, I'd only
found her who loved me.Should I forget her too?Should I also forget
the debt of the fees?We have to forget
everything in time.- priest. . .
– Yes, sir?Find an auspicious day for the
wedding of Jairam's son and our girl.- As you command.
– Offer him tea.The best time is the
8th day of the month.Why must we wait?
Begin the preparations.But that's 2 days away. . .- How can we get ready. . .
– What do you have to do?We're the girl's family.
We have to organise everything.- That's right.
– You just come as guests.You go with Ganga and
distribute invitations to all.Child, you too must go.Hail the Lord Almighty.What's the matter? Blessed am I
to be greeted by you early morning.please take a seat.My mother-in-law too is with you.Finished !- Something is fishy.
– Why do you say that?- Everything is fishy.
– I thought as much.To come to the point.
We've come to invite you.Our daughter Laxmi
is getting married.Consider it your own family affair
and be there with everyone.No question of me not coming.You too listen to me.My nephew Deepak and niece Rita
are coming here from America.To get married.Welcome.This is my house.Deepak and Rita, you've
come at the perfect time.- Meaning? – My brother-in-law's
daughter is getting married.We all have to attend it
and the best part is. .plenty of girls and
boys will be present.Get ready.Come on !Laxmi, tears in your eyes. . ?Grandpa's affection. .Forget the love of parents,
mischief of siblings.The time you had to spend in
your childhood banter is over.Now your vermilion and
scarf will fly high.Radha, they have come.Come on, get ready to welcome your foot on this and proceed.Welcome.- This is my nephew.
– Welcome.- How are you?
– Very fine.Bring the bride.please sit down.- Me. . ?
– We brought the chair for you.Sit down, Ram.Ram, do you recognise me?No, I can't.Years have lapsed.Have you forgotten Mansukh
the master who taught you?Forgive me sir that
I couldn't recognise you.Did you recognise the mischief
making younger sister of the bride?She's the one who had
paid your fees in school.Where are you lost?
It's departure time.- Come on, son.
– Yes.Yes, don't think your aunt is a fool.I've seen the world.Shall I tell you something? Listen. .When I was young. .and single. .Whenever I left home and walked
the street and looked at men. .They would fall flat!That's right. My father
took one glance at you. .. . .and fell flat and
still hasn't recovered.Is this the way to talk
about your parents?The child will become a fire
cracker if you marry late.If you don't marry me off,
I'll blow a bomb not a cracker!I'd marry you off tomorrow
if a girl agrees to marry you.I don't want any ugly old women.I want to marry a beautiful young girlYou want the father's dowry not me.- Listen. .
– Why do you keep saying that?You are responsible for this.Don't tell lies. I'm a
little like both of you.- Listen to him. .
– Forget it. Help me.All through the wedding,
I was aware that. . .You and Rita had a
thing for each other.- He's turning blind. . . .
– You shut up!Convince grandpa to
let me marry Rita.- I'll be eternally grateful.
– What will she do?I will convince grandpa.I'll go and talk to him right now.- Hurry up.
– You'll convince grandpa.But that sly Sharda will
turn the tables on us.Don't worry. Just watch me.I'll fix her in such a way
that she won't recover ever.- prasad, grandpa.
– You've brought prasad?You too take some.Our family is like gold.
I want to say something precious.- Listen to him grandpa.
– Okay, son.Don't build a case. Be frank.You know Velji, my wife's brother's
nephew and niece are here for marriageThe ones who had
attended Laxmi's wedding?Yes. Our family is indeed lucky.Rita likes Rajesh and
Rajesh has won the jackpot!You maybe right but children
raised in western culture. .. . .can't mingle in the
culture of our family.Yes, what grandpa says is right.Their way of living, diet,
everything is different from us.The elders are still alive. You
don't have to give your opinions.Go and dry papads.Aunt, she has as much
position as the elders.Nobody can stop her
from saying the truth.Sharda is right.We mustn't run like blind men
for an alliance from abroad.These foreigners are
like artificial pearls.It won't take long for
them to lose their luster.Ultimately we have to shed tears.If we turn down this proposal
we will have to shed tears.How can the frog in the well
know about the peacock?If we shut our eyes, the barking
of a dog sounds like a peacock.We should take each step carefully.It's a matter of my son's life.The family may say what they feel.
But I trust Rita.Those people too don't know us
and Velji is my wife's brother.That is all true but
I will never take a step. . .. .that will raise a storm and
destroy my happy family life.It will be as you wish.Let's go.This means they won't allow
our families to be one!- Is that so?
– I did try.But the dice didn't
turn in our favour.What I mean is don't worry.I can set it right.Your nephew Rajesh is
desperate to marry me.As for Radha, sooner or later
we'll send her off with Deepak.Let me step into that house once. . .Then see if I don't win.But how will you step in that
house without their permission?The time where you sought
permission is long gone.Rajesh and I like each other.I'll meet Rajesh and get
a decision today itself.Did you understand anything?part Indian part foreign.
I don't follow much.- We're in the same boat.
– Everything is for the best.We kept meeting since
I came from America.But we haven't talked of one thing.- What is that?
– Of our marriage.I hope your elders won't
object to our wedding.I'll break down that wall.For you, I can fight the family.Let's get married today itself
in the presence of Lord Shankar.He shouldn't be encouraged.
Let him try his best.We must get Rajesh married
before they change his mind.Revji's daughter Reva is a
fountain of beauty and talent.Her father had approached
us for Rajesh' hand.- Our assent is needed.
– Let's call them and fix it.Shouldn't we ask Rajesh
before marrying him off?There's no need. The choice
of the elders is his choice.Times have changed.We must take the youngsters in
confidence before taking a decision.Or our children might
disobey us tomorrow.I won't tolerate that.
To blazes with the consequences.The one marrying without my consent
has no right to live in my house!Stop right there!Forgive me, grandpa.I married Rita in the
temple of Lord Shankar.And we have come here
for your blessings.Nobody in this house does
anything without my consent!And you got married !You insult me and then
come for my blessings!Are the family elders dead that
you personally decide your marriage?When the elders jeopardise our
future with their old thoughts. .Then we have to take
our decisions ourselves.Shameless! Back answering grandpa !- I'll kill you !
– Get out of here!Rajesh, stop.Your elders say one word
and you walk out in a huff!Don't they have a
right to say anything?How his heart must be
hurting to say this to you !If you've done a mistake,
beg forgiveness for it.Elder brother, I beg you
don't split your family.Forgive him.You don't sever relations
for a small mistake.I beg you to give them your
blessings and accept them.- He's right.
– No!What had to happen has happened.- Forgive them.
– No!- They are right, forgive them.
– No!- Father, forgive them
because they're young. – No!- Give in, grandpa.
– I said, no!- Forgive them grandpa.
– No.Forgive brother. For my sake.All right.Grandpa has agreed !
Fall at his feet!Be happy.May you be happy.I don't think you learnt how
to respect elders in America.You have to bend down to
get the blessings of elders.These blessing show us
the right path of life.I don't need anyone to
guide me on life's path.Come on, Rajesh.No. . .Did you see she showed her true
colours the moment she stepped in.She insulted my daughter.Why are you making
yourself miserable?I was insulted in my own house!To date you considered me your
younger sister, not sister-in-law.But this American sister-in-law
humiliated me on stepping home!Everyone is not of the same nature.One has to gulp bitterness too.We never used bitter words
for you since you were born.An outsider treated you like
this on entering our home!My blood too is boiling !But when our own child is at fault,
how can we blame others?- forget it.
– Greatness lies in forgetting.You'll stay here and
feel more miserable so. .Go to your sister in
Badalpur for a few days.Your heart will feel lighter
and she too is missing you.- Really?
– Happy? Let's see.Brother! Radha, you forgot
me since I got married.- How are you?
– Fine and you. . ?Fine. Come in.- Good day.
– Be happy.- Uncle. . – Be happy.
– Hello aunt.I'm glad you came.
Laxmi misses you a lot.- How's everyone at home?
– Fine.Grandpa and the others
have conveyed their regards.- Sister, I'll leave. – Okay.
– I have work in the fields.- I came to leave Radha.
– You can't leave like this.- Daughter-in-law. . .
– Yes. . ?- Make lunch for your brother.
– Yes, right away.Some other time. I'm getting late.Bring you wife when you come next.- Okay.
– Ask her to make pickles for me.I'll take leave. See you.I'm going to the fields
for lunch. Feed Radha.I'm not hungry. I'll come
with you to the fields.Your husband will be surprised
to see me out of the blue!Yes, take her along.- She'll enjoy it there.
– Yes! – Okay, aunt.Just now. Come for lunch.Come on.You too!There's a different taste in the food.I know! This is thanks to
my beautiful sister-in-law!- True?
– Yes.Eat on.Give water to Ram. We're
going to the village.Forgive me. Suddenly my foot
twisted and the water. .Did it really happen or. . ?Aren't you ashamed to say this?Thank your stars you're my sister's
brother-in-law or I'd have slapped you !Listen to me.Forgive me but take your 5 bucks.Do you recall paying the fees of a
poor widow's son many years ago?I want to pay that money
and repay my childhood debt.Is this an orphanage?
Discontinue your education !Your widowed mother feeds you.
Instead you work and look after her!Don't come to school from tomorrow.I'll pay his fees. Forgive him.You're only repaying
the financial debt.But I. . .waited for you
right from my childhood.I kept dreaming of you !I pined for you !Every beat of my heart
kept calling your name.I asked the rivers, paths of
that village where my Ram was!Enough, Radha.My heart too would beat for you.And that day my heart
missed a beat when. . .. . .our old teacher came to
the wedding as the priest.He showed me from a distance,
that's your Radha. . .When you saw your Radha after
years, you should have run like mad.Instead why did you turn to stone?You didn't call me once.No, Radha.My heart was not of stone but
the walls of society are stony.For one moment I felt the
sand castle of our childhood. .. . .there's no point in building
what had been washed away.Nobody can stop us from
building castles in the air.Look at them.Let's go, Radha.- Listen to me. .
– Let go. .What's your name?Not that. I want
to know your pet name.My pet name is. . .good girl.- What?
– Dayi ( good girl)Found her! Finally this
good boy found a good girl.The bride is blushing.It's true that my father married
me late and this night came late. .Finally I rode the bridal horse.Now let me see the face
of my bride behind the scarf.Will you lift my veil
or simply keep blowing?I've spent half my life waiting
for my bride so I have to blow.You'll run out of steam like this.Before I run out of steam,
cover your face with the veil.what a lovely wife
my father got me!She resembles a wad of cash.Our nuptial night and come what
may, we must have 3 sons tonight!Yes. Each child takes 9 months
so count these onions. . .The onions perform miracles.- 1, 2. . .
– Count the third under the sheet.- 3. . .
– Father. . .Madhav? You've come on
the nuptial night itself!See the child is here.
Thanks to the onion.- Father. . .
– Bobda?You've taken birth? He's the good
boy's and he's the good girl's.Father! Father!Two and three. . .And premla. .On the nuptial night,
you gave me three sons!My Madhav. . .My Bobro. . .My premlo. .found him.Where's my Dayi?You clod ! Stand up!Your Dayi is not here.
These are old women !- They are young girls.
– Open your eyes and see.When I started dreaming
they were all young !I was dreaming for so long that
the Young belles turned old !Get up and get to work!Many proposals but
they're not accepting any.Before Radha is married elsewhere
or falls in love with somebody. .Get me married to her.I returned from America
and saw many girls here.But I didn't like any but Radha.You are right. But she's
the darling of our family.Nothing is done without her consent.And she does as she pleases.Opposing her is impossible.But we have to find a solution.Radha is like a thorn
in every step I take.A woman is capable of moving
mountains with her theatrics.And here we only have to win her heartNot at all difficult but
you should be able to act.Take Sharda for example. She
pleases grandpa with her drama.You're right. Even God
loves to be flattered.Then just watch out.Rita's new image in this house!Mother! What are you doing?You have 3 daughters-in-law
and you're serving grandpa !Henceforth I will feed grandpa.It's only the fortunate who
are blessed to serve elders.Grandpa. . .water.Daughter-in-law. . .
tears in your eyes?- It's nothing. .
– No. Don't hide anything.I've been watching you
for days. You seem changed.I can't believe my eyes.You grew up in foreign culture.Yet you read the Ramayana.I am indebted to you and this family.My eyes have opened.Your love made me let go western
culture and accept the national one.- Now I love this house so much. .
– Child. .And that is why I want to shoulder
a major responsibility of this family.But what do I do? I can
neither bear nor voice it.And that is why my desire
turns to tears in my eyes.Say whatever is in your mind.You have as much right in
this house as Radha has.I came here and saw Radha is the
adored, loveliest flower of the clan.If she asks for water,
she is promptly given milk.She is loved by all.Such a daughter should
be married to a family. .Where she lives in happiness.The littlest cloud of sorrow
shouldn't obscure her life.This worry keeps me awake the nights.Where will Radha find such a family?She should get so much love
that she doesn't miss us!Shall I say something
if I have your permission?- Yes, dear?
– If Radha marries. . .. . . my brother, Deepak. . .He will truly be blessed
to possess such a wife.My father's family will be thrilled !Grandpa, let me assure you. .If Radha goes to my parental
family as the daughter-in-law. .She will forget all of you.
My brother will love her so much !What makes you cry?We implicitly trust you and your family.Should I meet my uncle and
brother and discuss this?About what?I've fixed Radha's marriage
to her brother, Deepak.Assume a golden sun has
risen in Radha's destiny.All over the world you couldn't
find a better match for Radha.One shouldn't turn good fortune away.Even if Radha's marriage is delayed
I don't want her to go to America.You can't rise above your lot!One must trust the family of the
girl who married into our family.Didn't I tell you,
we may love our child. .But we can't let her
sit at home forever!My co-sister may say what she
wishes but you must trust me.I swear by Goddess Amba that
she won't suffer the least. . .There's no need to swear.We trust you.Sharda, there's no need to worry.
Mother Amba will look after all.Tomorrow you, Hari and Rita go
and fix Radha's marriage to Deepak.Tomorrow is a very auspicious day.Elder sister! Today let me help you.- My mother-in-law might see. .
– I'm not a guest.Get ready to go to the fields.
– But. . . – Go on now!I've told my in-laws everything.So far I considered you
my younger sister.But now I'll ask grandpa for your
hand in marriage to my brother-in-law.Now both of you must
give sweets to each other.- Yes.
– Stop.I oppose this match. – What?I think blinded by love,
you're taking a wrong decision.Handing my innocent sister to
a man raised in western culture. .You're taking the wrong step.Mean we're sending Radha to
the butchers by marrying him?Staying in the village you have
no clue how the world has progressed !When it's time to mingle with stars
in the sky, you're busy finding dirt!Even if we're lolling in the dirt. . .The entire village knows what drama
your American wife has spun here.The entire family is suffering
for the foolish mistake you made.We've made one mistake. We don't
want to fall in the well with another!Whether well or sea,
elder brother knows best.He has seen the world. He must
have thought of something. . .. . . before fixing Radha's
marriage to Deepak.Radha, what is this?Forgive me for what I did in anger.You're ready to whirl your
darling daughter to this Hell?This woman put up a false
drama and enticed grandpa.Who else would do the drama?
Elder aunt.She'd call the tune and
Rita would dance to it.Grandpa is truly innocent
that he got taken in by them.I've been acting. Happy?And so far you daughters-in-law
have been true as gold, isn't it?They filled Radha's ears
with false stories about me.You've distanced us!What else do you women know?You talk back to elders!
Have you no shame?- Good God !
– Breeding teaches shame.Grandpa, knock sense
into these people else. . . !You talk of breeding and culture
and this is how you treat a new bride!Both these elder daughters-in-law
hate the younger one since she's come!picking on her for no reason.
Grandpa, why don't you object?What do I say? The bride steeped in
western culture learns our culture!Our daughter-in-law
is our ornament.Mother-in-law,
sister-in-law, co-sister. .You should be supporting her.Not slapping her!Who else has the right
to slap if not the mother?I say, slap me. Hit me.probably that will make my
brother-in-law and co-sister happy.They want me to be humiliated in public.I have no idea why they envy me so.And I always consider my
co-sister my elder sister.But she considers me her enemy!Grandpa can't take the
right decision in this matter.As he only sees the shine of few
superficial qualities of Rita, Deepak.He can't see the darkness inside.And hence saintly men like grandpa
get conned by western culture.If you'd pay heed to Velji
both you and us would be happy.But your eyes are blind folded !Hence you see nothing but darkness!Your narrow vision can't
behold my nephew's qualities!One doesn't need vision
to judge his qualities.One hand's distance is good enough.And the book of his
black deeds is exposed.What is this? Liquor or nectar?I've never touched liquor!
This is all a lie!- I bought this for a friend.
– Scoundrel ! Telling lies!Elder brother! Don't you dare!Why are you brothers
fighting for my sake?The tears of your sister
will flood the universe.why are you bringing shame upon
this family by fighting for a sister?Did you see that?I will leave this world not just
go to America, if you wish it.I will consume venom
to keep your word.But why are you sending me so far?Grandpa, the apple of your eye. . .Am I a thorn in your feet?If I have committed a mistake,
explain it to me.I don't dream of the city.I will live in a hut and
live on bread and water.But I can't live in a
strange land without you !There, my child. .You've conveyed what's in your heart.Forgive me, Velji.I can't break my girl's heart.- I'll take leave, child.
– I'll come with you.I won't stay a minute in the
house where my uncle is insulted.- Let's go, uncle.
– No, my dear.Such things do happen.Keep your heart open
and forget this.- Goodbye.
– Uncle, let me see you out.Deepak, let's go.See you.No, my child. .Light such a fire in this house
that it can never be extinguished.Be happy. See you.Grandpa, I came to tell you
what's in Radha's heart.Tell me who is the
prince of her heart.She's in love with my
brother-in-law, Ram.Your brother-in-law?
Well, that's wonderful !We will be at peace knowing
that Radha is in your safe-keeping.- Isn't that right, Hari?
– Yes, brother.- Right?
– Huh.Your aunt too approves.Let's fix Radha's wedding to Ram.I'll see how they get married !If she gets married it will
only be to my brother, Deepak!If you'd paid heed to me,
both of us would be happy.Now I will only rest after teaching
your brother a lesson at any cost!I stepped in that house at your
insistence and I was humiliated !Filthy worm!How can he appreciate
the worth of foreign?They will realise the cost
of humiliating another!My blood boils more than yours!I have tolerated humiliation
at every step though I'm family!Brother didn't give me a penny
from my father's inheritance!I will avenge each insult.You will see songs of mourning
will be sung in Ram-Radha's wedding !Now we're firm pals.- Goodbye.
– Good bye.Radha's family has sent word that
they have organised a dance tomorrow.You are invited.Hurry up. We have to reach
Mandavgarh before 5 o'clock.We're coming, uncle.
Why are you so impatient?Hurry up.- Where are you lost?
– Dreaming of her nuptial night.What else happened in your dream?- They haven't come. .
– Be patient.What could have happened?
Can't understand anything.It's time for the marriage.
Why hasn't the groom come?I too am worried as to
why they haven't come.What could have happened?- What is this? – Your
son-in-law's body lay by the lake.This letter was in his neck.No! ! !Don't cry, my child.My heart shudders to hear you cry.My desire was to get you
married in great splendor.why didn't God kill me instead?Don't lose courage.
Think of poor Radha.- God did what was fated.
– No, grandma !Nature is never so cruel !I see a human hand in this.- No! – Son. . .
– No, my son.- No saying what the outcome
will be. . . – Whatever it be. .I will not rest till I have
avenged the injustice to my sister!No, brother! I bind you by the
rakhi I tied you not to proceed !If something happens to you,
we can't wipe your wife's tears!Radha is right.Whether it's family or outsiders
who have done this dirty deed. . .God will never forgive them!That sly fox spoke as if
we have stalled Radha's marriage!- She pointed fingers at us.
– Forget it.But she did no harm.Radha's marriage is stalled
and Ram too is out of the way.Stupid woman, this much
doesn't help our task much.Come here.Sharda is very
influential in this house.She will talk to Radha for
some days and brainwash her.And she will turn
this family against us.So what can we do?The first thing is to throw
Sharda out of the house.Then try and get Radha married to
your brother at the earliest occasion.Great, aunt. Your brain
is really terrific!That's because I ate a
lot of almonds as a child.Forget all that. You listen. .Our first target is not Radha
but your co-sister, Sharda.Saw how fast we stalled the wedding.Nobody got a whiff when lightning
struck and burnt the house down.You paid heed to Velji. That
is why both of us are happy.Earlier I didn't trust you.But now I implicitly trust you.Your elder brother kicked
you around all your life.Now you can take revenge.He won't have one hair on his head
and the house will dance to your tune.Just you watch. When I'm calm
everyone thinks I'm a fool.But when I raise my hood
nobody dares stand in my path !Even I will have to think
before standing in your path.Yes. In order that you don't
become a thorn in my side tomorrow. .I have kept Ram alive.What? Ram is alive?Then how did Ram's corpse
come to the house that day?That's my wonder.When Ram was leaving for his wedding. .My men. .What happened to the lights?Where is Ram?Carry him. We'll take
him to Mandavgarh.I've kept the ace up my
sleeve by keeping Ram alive.But it's not as if this poisonous
snake will only strike Velji.If he escapes from your
captivity, you are dead meat.Do you think I don't have
the brains to think of this?He is being beaten almost to death.When he escapes, he won't
have the energy to run.He's being thrashed regularly.Eat it, my dear.For so many days, this
family was separated.Today everyone is eating together.If you won't eat, nobody will eat.For my sake, eat it.Won't you do it for me? Eat it.Your elder daughter-in-law
poisoned the pudding.Are you aware of what you're saying?She has been tutored.Who tutored you?Nobody taught me anything.
I saw her mixing it myself.Don't believe me if
you don't want to.Good God !Elder brother, did you see this?
The dog is dead !We mustn't ignore what Maya said.Sometimes these small people
give out big family secrets.Sharda actually wanted to kill me!Accidentally the bowl
of milk went to Radha.- Daughter-in-law!
– Yes, grandpa?You tried to kill Radha
by poisoning her milk!The one you want to kill, lives.Didn't the breeding of this
family not stop you from doing this?You think I did this? Somebody
envies me because I'm respected.They have planted this
to put me down.First you do this dastardly
deed then justify them!I won't spare you alive!Elder brother!You believe what others say. . .And behave cruelly with
this chaste wife of yours!When you find the truth, you will
have to answer every tear of hers!The ones who quashed my wedding
are now maligning your wife!To get her out of the house!Who will wipe her tears?Who will give her refuge?This grandpa who is akin
to God will give her refuge.Weren't you in the kitchen
when Sharda poisoned the milk?Why don't you answer?I've been watching Maya
dancing to your tune.I know everything !If you know everything, ask your
sister-in-law, you'll know the truth !Otherwise this temple of a house. .Grandparents worth worshiping.Only those who have done good
deeds in previous lives get them!My husband who is like God.A sister-in-law so sweet. .I came from America, became
the daughter-in-law of this clan.I felt blessed.
But I tell you the truth. .My husband's elder
brother is very simple.You talk of removing Radha
or me from her path. . .She is capable of
killing him too!What are you doing?
Have you lost your mind?Yes, I am mad ! Rita
is maligning my wife!She wants to win over the family!I know this is a drama !But remember this sting
is going to hurt you alone!Come with me!This is the limit, elder brother!So far I kept mum because
of respect for the elders.You are making my innocent wife
the scapegoat to protect your wife!And you're hitting her!If I raise my hand, your
respect as an elder will be mud !There's no point in cursing
and accusing each other.Can't you see somebody is trying to
break our family out of jealousy?This will split up our happy family!Forgive me because I say
something though I'm young.The husband's elder brother
is being cruel to his wife.If he can hit her in the
presence of elders. . .people don't care about
the presence of elders.What won't they do
behind their backs?Aunt! I know exactly what
who is doing behind backs!You take Rita's side because
she is your sister's niece!Finally she is your blood !What do you mean?I won't say anything now.But when I do, the one behind these
deeds won't find place to hide!What are you standing for? Move!We lit this fire and
we only got singed !Just watch how I avenge this!She called me a snake in public!She insulted me and my stupid
sister-in-law took her side!Till I have taken revenge
this fire won't subside!If the fire has been lit,
there's only one solution.When a woman loses, she is
left with only one weapon.And that will bring the
best of men to the ground !- What is that?
– Come here.Take some prasad.Rita is inside.
Offer her some too.What are you doing?
You are like my daughter!Daughter? You insulted me yesterday!I'll sting you so hard that
you'll never forget it!You are trying to malign our family!A scorned woman can think of
nothing but her humiliation !- Listen to me. This dirty trick. .
– Grandpa ! Help!- Shut up! Don't do this!
– Help me!Save me!Stop! Listen to me. .This man. . . he. . .Scoundrel !You did this dirty deed because your
wife's plan to poison didn't succeed.Believing your wife who
grew up in western culture. . .. . .you are disbelieving the
brother who grew up with you !You know that I've never lifted
my eyes to look at other women !Why are you talking of
looking at other women?You have ruined me!And then you tell lies!Brassy! Shameless!The honour of a man or woman
is precious in this country!My brother can never do this!If he can't do this,
is Rita making this up?Whether in our country or abroad,
everyone values their honour.You not only stand by Rita
verbally, you also help her!You made your daughter help Rita.And she sent me in under the
pretext of giving Rita prasad.Good God ! Listen to him!Why are you dragging my
innocent daughter in this?I and my daughter were
both reading the Ramayana.Reading the Ramayana?
Or inciting the Mahabharata?Don't ignite the family honour.- Our daughter-in-law and
such a dirty. . . ! – Co-sister!You are a widow. You may
accept anything but not I!What did you say?
What do you mean by this?If you utter a word against them
I won't let you live here!That's the limit!Don't publicly flog
the family honour!How dare you raise your hand
on your mother-like sister-in-law?Have you seen what elder
brother did to my wife?- Is this true?
– Grandpa. . .Don't you trust your upbringing,
your teaching, your own blood?Scoundrel ! Have the guts to
own up when you've done this!Or I'll expose you right here!Shut up lest I lose control !What will you do? A sinner like you. .Stop it! Hitting each other!- What else is left?
– This is too much !I can't stay in this house now!Let us leave this house.Only then will my co-sister
and her husband be at rest.How can the one who lit
this fire leave the house?The house where my husband
is humiliated in this manner. .Of what use is that house?Let us leave the house.God, what sins have I committed. . .. . .that you kept me alive
to witness this scene!My house is being
splintered in front of me!I see the ancient honour of my
family crushed underfoot today.Enough grandpa. Don't say more. .It will affect your health !My blood is boiling so hard that
I want to do something drastic!I will see everyone
who sullied my name!I wouldn't wish this
on my worst enemy!Once the relationship cracks. . .The gardener doesn't stop watering
the rose even if its' thorn hurts him.Now there's only one solution !Make two parts of this house
that's a part of my heart.Distribute it between these brothers!Raise a wall between them!. .you don't have to
divide your house in two!I'll teach her such a lesson that
she'll never talk of separation !She won't think of raising a wall
of discrimination in the family!Didn't you feel any
shame to do this?You're giving our family a bad name!Are these the ideals of our family?
You've ruined our family name!Thank your stars you got this family
and you created a row between them!I'm ashamed to call you sister!No, don't stop Deepak.If he won't teach this stupid
girl a lesson, who else will?She has sown bitter seeds
in our sweet relationship!Her brother and I have
lowered our heads in shame!What a dirty deed she has done!Don't stop me, grandpa.
Let me straighten her!- I'm sorry I erred.
– Apologise to them not me.Grandpa, forgive me.I made a mistake.I was responsible for
dividing this family!But I won't let that happen.Forgive me.Don't cry. go in, my dear.I beg forgiveness from all of you
for the sin my sister committed.You don't have to apologise. It's
my mistake that I don't know you.We must take leave. Tomorrow
a family is coming to see him.- So let us leave now.
– Grandpa. . . – Son. . .Consider this your own house
and do drop in sometime.A world of difference
between brother and sister.Actually we couldn't judge them.Feel sorry, don't you?Or by now Radha would have
been swinging in America.What can we do?
Luck is not in our favour.When opportunity knocked,
we were not available.I am capable of bringing
the opportunity back.Tomorrow a family is
coming to see Deepak.If you wish, before that I could
fix Radha's marriage to Deepak.How will he agree?
He too has his respect.If you have good relations
everything else is secondary.Deepak is my nephew in a way.I know him very well.I am sure he won't disobey me.Velji is related to me.
I'll apologise on your behalf.The hurt in his heart will be erased.If Radha's life can be set right,
I have no problems in apologising.If the sun can rise in
the dark life of Radha. .And we can find an educated,
civilised boy like Deepak. .I myself will go to him
and ask for his hand.Well done nephew.They are almost here with the proposal.- Come in.
– Velji. .Welcome, sister. Sit down.We couldn't wait a minute
after seeing Deepak's behavior.- We made a mistake. .
– Forget it.- Let's rectify that mistake.
– Yes.I said Velji is my sister's husband.He won't turn us down.We want to fix Radha's marriage
to him before anything else.Isn't that the truth?Yes. We've come here only
because she had faith.We had taken one wrong step
so we hesitated coming here.You must have felt bad
to be slapped by me.Accepted. But now watch
the result of this drama.Radha and I. . .And then watch in my house. . .Also watch my co-sister's fun.I'll avenge my humiliation
that she won't ever forget!Fix an auspicious day and we'll
get them married with love.We've fixed Radha's
marriage for the 1 1th day.Write the invitations.Begin the good deed.Where are you lost?Your best days stand at our doorstep.It won't do for you to get nervous.Once the swan of your
heart has flown away. .pearls have no meaning.The sky can never cover your head.My heart doesn't want me
to marry and go to America.One who has grown up with love
must learn to be strong willed.A woman is a lamp
in her maternal home.And the sun that
brightens her marital home.Rascal ! Here is the invitation
of the one you dream about!No!Rascals! Why have you
imprisoned me here?What had I done?
Who is responsible for it?- I won't mention the name
even if I die! – You won't?- who is behind this?
– I'll talk!Hari and Velji were behind this
to stop you marrying Radha.Are you Ram?Yes but why do you ask?The world saw your corpse at the
wedding. They think you're dead !That was their conspiracy!To stall my marriage.And now they have fixed Radha's
marriage to somebody else.I must hurry and tell Radha
the truth, expose this secret!It's too late.Do you see this plane? Radha
is married and going to America.Go home and tell my mother
and uncle I am still alive.What? Ram is still alive?- Yes, alive. – Then where is he?
– Right here, in front of you !Beat him!One thorn still remains.And that is my co-sister.Isn't that right, aunt?Radha has gone to America
thanks to my brother.The same Radha who threw the plate
of offerings at the engagement.Now my brother will
avenge that humiliation.But what about Sharda?I've tried so many tricks to trap her.To please grandpa,
I read the Ramayana.- Mixed poison in the food. .
– And then? – What else?I pretended to be raped and
wrongly accused my brother-in-law.I incited enmity in the family!You bitch ! Shrew! poisonous snake!You break up my family
and laugh over it!- Let go! – Come on. You have
to pay the price for your sins!Beating your wife! Is this
the tradition of our family?But this wife of mine has
destroyed our family traditions!I have done the biggest
mistake of my life.I brought this snake
into temple like home!And she's turned our home into Hell !I should have paid heed to you.
Instead I paid heed to this snake!And this mother of mine
who is like Mantara. . .She left no stone unturned
to burn this home down !- I won't spare her today!
– No!Don't lose control in anger.It's not your job to
punish the wrongdoer.Rita is the wealth of our family.Elder brother, forgive me.I can't believe my eyes!Your blessings saved me.These bastards tried to kill me
to prevent me from marrying Radha !And this man. . Uncle Hari. .Your younger brother. .The man you reared like your son. .He is capable of selling the
daughters of this house for cash !The eunuchs are better than him!Hand in glove with this butcher,
he shipped your dear Radha abroad !They are not humans!
But a stigma on humanity!I could have thrown their
corpses at your feet today!But I wanted them to accept
their crimes before you.Brother, forgive me.Before punishing me,
keep this in mind. . .Your granddaughter is
with my nephew in America.The ring of the telephone and
it's curtains for her life.And you won't even get her corpse.Try touching my sister. . .I'll rip your niece
in front of your eyes!You dare not touch her!Come with me dear.
You are not safe here.Yes, uncle.You are Kansa ! You're not my uncle!I feel like spitting
on these relatives!parents teach you how to
live in your marital home.But you. . .taught me
to ignite relations!You made me stoop to such depths!
Burn my golden home to cinder!It is elders like you. .Spurred by elders like you
the daughters-in-law of the world. .. . .destroy the happiness
of their joyful families!And nobody in the world will
trust daughters-in-law then !- Enough, my dear.
– I am grateful to grandpa.He forgave my trespasses.And gave me the strength
to lead a new life.Instead of throwing
me out of the house. .He held me close to his heart.punish him any way you want.I'll see who dares touch Radha !Scoundrel !- For my sake, forgive him.
– But. . .To forgive is divine.Let him go.You may go.forgive me for my action
performed out of anger.You are ready to push your
dear daughter in this Hell !Now I will avenge every humiliation !You'll never forget it.You spilled my drink!You Indian girl !
You insulted my friends!What's the matter?What's wrong?Blood in your palms
on your nuptial night!- Mother. . .
– I understand, dear.Your eyes are filled with tears.My Radha. . .Her image doesn't leave my mind.We've sent her so far away.
My heart pines for her.Don't worry. I'll write
to her today itself.I'll find out about her.Write to her today itself.Not this much ! I'm stuffed !Not for me, dear. . .Eating food cooked by you,
after years I miss. . . .. . .the food of our village,
eating beside the river. .. . .the belches of satiety. .
I feel as good today too.Don't flatter me.
Quietly eat the meal.No, it's true.We're glad you stepped in our house.And the culture of Gujarat
came into this house.The only thing that worries me. . .. . .our useless son.Quickly go and make some
snacks for Juhi and my friends.I'm serving your parents.
They are fasting since morning.- First let them eat.
– What's the need?Do as I say. Who asked them
to waste time by fasting?Make some snacks for
Juhi and my friends.I can't do that unless I feed
them. I can't commit this sin.Shameless! Slapping your wife!No, father! Forgive him.For my sake!Do you see the culture of
your bride and country?The culture of an Indian girl !She stands like a shield for the
husband and this 2 bit girl friend. .She's a dog sniffing your money!Your father is insulting
me for a village belle!She's better than you !She's a goddess!She's cultured, chaste. . .- Yes, please go!
– Father!Don't you dare call me your father!Seeing your behaviour,
I feel like killing myself!God has been kind to
give an angel of a wife!And you prefer this bitch !- Reform your life. . .
– Father, please. . .I'll kick all three of you
out if you talk too much !Don't forget you're living
in my house and off me!I'll do as I please and
if you stand in my way. . .I won't let our relation
stand in my way!Let's go to a hotel.Yes. . ?- post this letter.
– Okay.The bride has asked me to post
this letter. Where are the envelopes?In the drawer.Salutations, grandma and grandpa.Greetings to all from
Radha in America.I write to tell you. .Why are you reading
her letter and crying?See the breeding of
our daughter-in-law!We can't bear to see the
atrocities meted to her.The poor thing leads a
life worse than hell here.Read, what she's written !I've got a fantastic family.My parents-in-law are ideal.My husband is innocent and loving.The poor girl gulps venom
but speaks sweetly.But if we don't inform
them of the real situation. .God will never forgive us!We must somehow inform her
family of the real picture.Radha has written from America !- What does she write?
– That she's very happy.My in-laws love me
more than my parents.This place is like heaven !Whether the child is abroad
or close, she should be happy.Whose is the other letter?Why don't you say something?It's from her in-laws in America.Our dear Radha is unhappy.She is drowning in the sea of sorrow!If you want to free her from
the cage of death, take her away.My dear Radha, you're hiding
things from your grandpa !I myself will go to America.And I will teach my brother what
the outcome of beating the wife is!No, grandpa !- Uncle. . ? – Listen,
your sister is coming to the US.Your in-laws have poisoned
her ears and sent her to you.Hence be a little careful.Consider her your enemy not sister.Let her come here. Don't worry
I'm here to set everything right.Whose call was it?Your pop!Can't you hear?
I've been calling you !Let her complete the prayers.Always praying and worshiping !
What the hell is this?- What are you doing?
– You put off the lamp!You've committed a big sin !Lord, let this day pass in peace.Scoundrel ! You're
becoming worse by the day!Whether I get worse or better,
I don't want you interfering !I've told you once and I repeat it
I won't hesitate to throw you out!what will you throw out?Dry bread in our own country
is better than living here!Your father never got tired
of carrying his darling son !You'd ask for water
and he'd serve you milk!He would tie black board
on his back to teach you.She's sleep on the wet mattress
and put you in the dry part!She's spend nights awake for you !She sang for you ! Begged God
to give you to her and you. . . !Even a dog doesn't forget
if you feed him once.But you're ready to kick
your mother who raised you !Have some shame, shameless!This is the limit!I request you with folded hands. .Don't insult such splendid parents.Don't hurt them so. The curse
that rises from their hurt. .. . .will burn your life down !Let that happen to me
You come with me!It's my birthday! Come on !- Let go of me! – God !
– I say, come on !Cut the cake! Fast!Let go!Your wife is insulting me.- Your friend tried to. .
– Give up your rural ways.See how I enjoy with my friend.Go and dance with him!Impossible! I can't stoop so low!I may live in America but
I can't forget my culture!Even if you beat me,
Innate do this!Nincompoop!Eunuchs! Twerps!
what are you watching?Get out of here!Such atrocities on a girl
of another family! Rascal !Shameless!You pushed your father!God will never forgive you !You will rot in Hell for 1000 years!Don't talk too much or. . .what will you do? Kill me!Hit me! Kill me!I beseech you, cut my body
into a thousand pieces!But don't beat mother and father!- Let go!
– I won't spare you !What are you doing?Beating an innocent woman !Let go of her!- Let her go!
– I won't!Don't cry.Your tears lose value
by shedding them for him.This is the corpse of
western culture not my son.- No!
– What happened?Grandma, Rajesh ! Come out fast!- Grandpa, what's wrong?
– What happened?- Who called up?
– Grandpa, say something !Radha has been widowed.Let them come. I've
made all the preparations.Help!Let me go!Go!Kill them.Where will you escape?No! Grandpa !Elder brother!My son is responsible for
all that happened today.If you permit us. . we'd
taken Radha as our son's bride.I want to give her hand in marriage
to Ram and repent for our mistake.If Ram gets his Janki, the
grandpa will be truly happy.


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