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Deep Freeze – Deep in Cold Terrorism (Part 1)

So this is Deep Freeze for PS1/Playstation. Someone though it would be a good idea to use part of the Resident Evil, Cobra: The Shooting, and Syphon Filter game engines and make this a very bad third person shooter. The Game Stars our Nobel and honorable hero, Jack Wired. From the INTERNATIONAL-ANTI-TERRORIST-SERVICE(INTER-ANTS).
Guy with Orange Armor is Damos, Guy who is not Damos is Fobos, they are part of the terrorist group uh… “Apiestoes”? That’s what it sounds like.

PLOT WISE: This game keeps getting crazier the longer you play it, it starts out swinging and then finishes swinging in part 1 alone. Then the story gets more and more insane and nonsensical making this a must play alone. If you can make it past the first stage that is.

Primarily, you need that arrow on the ground to point to an enemy to shoot them. Sometimes that doesn’t work, so most of the time you have to wait 5 seconds for a target cursor to appear. The A.I. partner is your only chosen character and is automatic. I tried plugging a controller in port 2 and nothing happened.

Bottom Right are grenades, which can be switched to health packs. Below that is ammo. Under your life bar is Stan. I have no idea what Stan is, but apparently when it is low your health gauge will flash meaning. It either means invincibility time or you take more damage while the Gauge is flashing have no clue.

Saving is randomly generated at scripted points. There are Innocents in some stages which killing serves no consequence other than a lower score. But if you rescue them you get a bonus score and you get a sliver of health.

The Data menu is useless except for changing weapons or items, although you can change items with a controller button anyway.

THERE IS FRIENDLY FIRE, for both Jack and his partner as well the enemies themselves, this will be shown quite a few times.

Video transcription:


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