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DARK AGES SIMULATOR! Managing an Alehouse and Marrying into Riches! – Saelig Early Access Gameplay

Dark ages simulator! Managing an Alehouse and Marrying into riches in this Saelig early access gameplay!
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Ok, this game is flat out cool. So instead of managing a colony or a city, you manage one man or woman and their family. You start out alone, but through your choices you can get married, have children, have employees, and build up a trading empire. Just in our little playthrough we bought the town alehouse, courted a wealthy woman that owned the nearby farms, ended up marrying her, and now not only does our family own the alehouse, but we own the farms as well! This game has it all, the plague, pickpocketing, begging, foraging, fishing, and is like 10 tycoon games in one!

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(Old English: blessed, fortunate, prosperous, happy)

880 A.D.

SÆLIG is a strategy, role-playing, simulation, and trading game about the things that matter; life, death, money, and family. You will be in charge of managing the life and affairs of a young Anglo-Saxon in the kingdom of Wessex, a kingdom at constant war with Vikings. It is in this world that you must find a way thrive and make a name for yourself, and your family.

At its very core SÆLIG is a trading and management game centred around the accumulation of wealth, and the survival of your family. It also incorporates many role-playing and simulation features, including: relationships, buffs, skills, health, missions, needs, character based interactions, and direct character control.

There are numerous ways you can live your life, each one brings both risk and reward
Find love, and start a family.
Start a business, hire workers, and produce the goods that people need, as well as luxury items.
Make your fortune by trading between towns.
Head a gang of thieves and take what you want.
Sabotage your competition and monopolize goods.
Accept and carry out missions to deliver goods around the map.

Some other key features
A living, breathing world, where each character is trying to survive and prosper.
Each character has their own life from start to finish and has the potential to shape the world around them, just like you.
Live through several generations – when you die, you can continue as your one of your children.
Dynamic seasons and weather that affects the world around you.
Lots of different types of buildings to purchase and upgrade.
Fires and diseases have the potential to not only decimate your home, but also towns and villages all over the map.
Living economy – nothing simply exists, everything is made and consumed by the population.

SÆLIG is not feature complete and at this point there is currently no construction or land ownership, instead you can only buy buildings. These features will be added once I have fleshed out other base mechanics.


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Hello everybody, I’m Gray! I love doing let’s plays and tutorials of games, such as Happy Room, Conan Exiles, Raft, My Summer Car, Hello Neighbor, Brick Rigs, Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, and BeamNG.Drive. I’ve got at least two new videos coming out every day focusing on gameplay, tutorials, tips and tricks, and bonus videos coming out of the newest Indie games as well. Thanks for checking me out!

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