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CVC Blitz Abc and Phonics games free – Making English Fun

the Gameplay example if all four CVC phonics and CvC games for english learners.



These phonics games are designed to be played on phones, tablets and in the classroom it is a useful tool to help students learn and practice blending phonics into simple three letter words.

CVC Scramble: This phonics game asks students to rearrange CVC words so they have the correct spelling and try to say as many as they can in the 60 Seconds

CVC match: This phonics game asks students and children to find the matching picture or word till they have all the matching pairs

CVC Quiz: This Phonics quiz is designed for students to listen to and then answer the questions. It is better played with headphones. This is one of a set of phonics games

CVC Sound: This Phonics game asks the students to listen to the word and then match to the picture, helping both vocab and English Sound recognition

Learning to read is a process and by playing simple games like this it helps students to practice simple English words in a fun phonics game, and helps them move from the ABC games to putting words together. Phonics is an important part of that journey!

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