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Crash Bandicoot Hacking: Test Level Retail Port Progress Update 1 (REUPLOAD)

Source: Willie the Wombat

Originally Published on May 17, 2019

Original Description:
So obviously I’ve been working on porting the test level some more, and I’ve managed to port the textures page for the hud and test level model by manually hex editing the NSF file since CrashEdit doesn’t allow for the replacement texture pages. This was of course at the expense of a lot of graphics not appearing correctly. I have also imported the original sort list entry from the prototype, and restored the levels id, rather than replaceing existing ones. The music you’re hearing is the first track of the unused music found in the data for the test room in the prototype, with the instruments from the pinstripe music. I have not yet attempted to replace the instruments, and I have not tried to port the other track in the song. If you want to hear them both with their intended instruments, they are present on The Cutting Room Floors article about the prototype:…
I have yet to find a way to port scenery models and zones without replacing existing ones. I import the original entries and change the first item in the zone to match that of the imported model, but to no avail. The game either hangs on the loading screen, or the graphics become corrupted.

Video transcription:


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