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Clay Game | Free Casual Steam Games!

Clay Game, tagged “Free to play” and “Casual” on Steam, is a short puzzle game where all the graphics are made out of clay, including the font. There’s two different puzzle types where you use wands to aid you… one kind of a platforming puzzle where you can grow and shrink mushrooms in size while avoiding poisonous pink mushrooms and deadly green acid and the other one… which I don’t entirely get. Let me know in the comments below if you understand it or if you’ve given this game a try.

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Try Clay Game here:

═════ Free Casual Steam Games! ═════
Because I am at times poor and don’t have the money to spend on games, I look for games tagged with “Free to Play” and “Casual” on Steam. Sometimes, I look for the newest ones but usually I choose whichever I can find. A new video in this series is released every Friday (well, I’m aiming to!). Feel free to leave suggestions of games tagged with “Free to Play” and “Casual” in the comments down below!

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Hi, I’m Berry – a 20-something year old that’s loved chill games since forever. I play other games too but I like keeping this channel related to casual games including tips & tricks, let’s plays, and trying new things.

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