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Part 1 of 2. Watch in High Definition! Classic Game Room HD reviews GRAND THEFT AUTO CHINATOWN WARS for Nintendo DS! This CGRHD Chinatown Wars review has gameplay footage from China Town Wars for Nintendo DS handheld video game system recorded in HD with a Canon XH-A1 camera showing the graphical presentation of GTA Chinatown Wars in this review reviewing the game reviewed, Chinatown Wars (aka GTA CW). Whew… picking up search engines is exhausting! Bringing the series back OLD SCHOOL, I love it! We all know that GTA III, Vice City, SA and GTAIV are amazing games technically, but I still have fond memories of the original Grand Theft Auto for Playstation 1 and GTA 2 and GTA London, 2D top down hilarious cartoony action games where you bring misery and destruction down on the city from above! GTA CW is like a nice mixture of GTA4 mixed with GTA2. Rockstar Games uses the Nintendo DS split screens to great effect by using the top screen for action and the bottom screen as a map, GPS and control panel for songs, guns and more. GTA Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars has Nintendo Wi-fi support and the usual compliment of machine guns, shotguns and smgs. Visit the Liberty City that you know and love, carjack everything that moves and create mass chaos, earn money, play through the plot or just shoot people to waste time on the bus. This GTA outing on the Nintendo DS is awesome and brings the sillyness back to the series that was missing in GTA4. Fans of the old games will be in heaven, fans of the new games should be equally thrilled to see Liberty City from above, play through a raunchy, violent plot with submissions and drug dealing, and hey.. what more can you ask for? CHINATOWN WARS! Classic Game Room reviews Nintendo DS games like GTA China Town Wars because CGRHD is a Nintendo DS reviewer reviewing games like GTACW. Will Grand Theft Auto come out for Nintendo Wii or Colecovision? One can only hope….

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